Papa Helms (1st Reading BABW 28 players)

Shmeguy 1589

Nothing special here.

I updated reg whizz to better deal with the HB that there is a clear resurgence of. I felt archives interface and scrubber were no longer needed because I was not seeing spam or ci7 winning. These slots really warped the deck and it became sluggish and easily gearchecked by jammy or FA HB. shout outs 2 Yeoda for testing as always, and good player/possible father Terrificy for the discussions on reg whizz.

3 Apr 2017 Cyberzack

I've not played whizzard a whole lot before - think i'll get some games in with this deck. I played your older version a few times... It felt funny to almost hope to run across asset spam.

What do you think about swapping -1 Aaron -1 Dirty Laundry and adding 1x faust 1x employee strike? Bad idea?

3 Apr 2017 Shmeguy

@Cyberzack yeah this should be a lot more balanced. I don't think its a bad idea but I would cut BO instead of laundry :)

18 Apr 2017 nungunz

For MWL 2.1 would you look at cutting 2 ┼čifr and 1 Temu?

Add in 2 Maw and 1 Liberated?

Not sure if that can handle the new Glacier + Ash/Caprice, though.