ICE destruction Null, but I rebirthed before the game

Pinsel 2371

This is my KvD Runner for german nationals. It was actually a Null list, but right before the event I had a change of heart and decided that hoshiko is just better.

This deck is basically a regass-anarch. However instead of just using binbreakers and bad pub, you use chisel/devil charm as a tool to keep the corp low on ICE and to contest remotes early. Then you can just run a lot and stargate.

Having devils charm out allows you to be aggresive. You can either preinstall chisel on a server you want to run or threaten the corp with some instant chisel via peddler/simulchip/smc. labour rights gives you some recursion in case you lost something to peddlers, or you need more chisels.

On top of the old anarch econ package, you also have the new paladin and keiko for additional drip econ. the other companions are not worth it however.

I had great games with it at the event. The game that i remember the most is against architect of tomorrow. my opponent had an early jinja city grid and kept installing ICE on the remote. So in response i kept installing chisels on that remote and tried to trash more ICE than he could afford to rez. At some point it was too much, so i swang back to R&D with stargate and tried to lock him there, trying to trash every ICE that he would draw, which eventually gave me the win.

13 Jan 2020 t.p

The AoT game was great indeed @Pinsel. Congratulations for winning the Nats!

13 Jan 2020 Saan

Yeah, this is the good stuff here. I was trying to not count things when I looked through your deck, just get a feel for our differences. It turns out that it's just a 3 card difference, but I'm always interested in the small choices.

I think my biggest weakness in Runner deck building is looking at a card and saying "You know, I think I only need 2 of these, rather than 3," or 1 rather than 2, etc. Adding in just 2 Liberated accounts seems like such an interesting decision, but it allowed you to add in even more draw (something that I still think my version needed a bit more of). You've got an additional IHW and a second Earthrise, and that's a big deal (9 more cards drawn!). And playing only 2 Hippo in an ICE destruction deck seems counter intuitive to me, but I guess once one is down they're never rezzing outer ICE the entire game anyhow, unless super desperate.

Anyhow, thanks again for letting me look through your deck. I didn't intend to play Hoshiko for Nationals; I was leaning heavily toward Hayley. But I'm indecisive, so I built both -- and then forgot to add in the Downfall cards into Hayley. I'm almost glad I did; this style deck is a really fun fusion between what I like about Shaper and what I like about Anarch.

16 Jan 2020 Bl4nk3t

Again - congratulations to winning nationals!

My question for this deck is - since there aren't so many programs - what's the plan to fulfill the Simulchip prerequisite of trashed programs - I guess just a Chisel preinstalled (which feels kind of a waste of a Chisel/click) ?

17 Jan 2020 Saan

When I can, I try and Simchip another Chisel as soon as the first one goes down (or get a SMC back, which is also good).