"Did a New Set Come Out?" CTM (2nd Rockford Store Champ)

kevo31415 19

This is basically Comrades CTM that we saw at Worlds. This went 3-1, then 0-2 in the cut to finish 2nd at The Gaming Goat Store Champs in Rockford, IL (Seamus-Val on the Runner side was a perfect 5-0). This is your run of the mill CTM deck that tries to score out and pressure the runner until they just can't even. No Judge or Boom, no fast advance, just endlessly dragging helpless folks through Ravens and Tollbooths.

3 IP Block to punish Aumakua decks (of which I am seeing less of). The Psychographics is probably ready to cut; people who go tag me are going to lose a million other ways and I haven't seen that God of War deck in months. Targeted Marketing is there for Hacktivist or Strike -- I seldom actually get money from it. I used to run a pair of Reversed Accounts to IAA and deke Runners into a brutal remote run. It would create a scoring window next turn either way (perhaps with Hard-Hitting News in the mix) but it was a bit situational. NGO Front or NASX are also interesting things to try.

I wish I played this deck at Worlds. I wasn't quite as confident with it back then, but now I really appreciate this play style. I feel like it's made me more of a strategic player and understand what it means to have control of the runner.

This is probably the longest I've ever mained a single corp deck, and through the course of a few SC's it definitely proved its weight.

I've had fun, Comrades CTM. It's not you, it's me. I've been seeing more Shaper clickless econ lately, and people are starting to pick up on how important it is to trash Bankers and DBS. I hope we can still be friends. Thanks for helping me to my highest ever finish at a store champ.

Though I'm not sure how much 0-2 in the cut constitutes as "helping".

21 Feb 2018 PureFlight

Grats on making 2nd, my dude! This deck is just always good. I agree on dropping Psycho. Can't wait to see what the next corporate terror you brew will be!!