ControLat For Cowards - Montréal CO Winner (10 players)

is44ru 271

Deck and Life choices

Having practiced against it, PE was a natural enemy to this deck.

And I know there's always some PE players, and I didn't want to lose against them so I sacrified a PAD Tap for a Caldera.

It might not be necessary as better players will have Stargate in their starting hand vs PE consistently.

I'm 100% the coward here. đŸ˜…

Did I regretted it in the end? NO!

Who's the cancer now !??!

image of crab with knife fighting back

Matchups during the tournament

Round 1 - Camanecrozscope - The Outfit

Mulliganed into few econ instead of none.

Start was a bit slow, I drew ad tap and wished it was padtap.

Stole a few agendas with Boat, I accessed a Biotic so I was much safer running recklessly.

Lat did Lat things and started dripping like a fountain.

Closed the game with Stargate.

Round 3 - Weltgeist - Jinteki: PE

Mulliganed for Caldera.

Found it 10 cards later.

In the meantime, I cleared the board of traps with my face while setting up the drip.

After Caldera was down, Tapwrm was purged and the padtaps trashed, only two Orbs remained.

I got hit by a 5 advance Clearinghouse, Chartrooms killed their Blood in the Water dreams.

I was able to find Stargate and grab the win with 1 card in hand, 1 in the stack and 1 credit.

Round 3 - Claim - Acme

They scored OffWorld and Cryptocrash while I was setuping the drip for locking the game.

I started to get on top of the game, stargating everyturn with millions of Boat counters and credits.

The corp was broke with 5 credits (I misread it, in my head there was only 4 credits).

They Installed, Advance, Advance something.

I said out loud "I won't run your NGO" (I haven't seen any so far and the corp needed money for everything).

Stargate click 1, got to 6 points click 2 and did something silly click 3 and 4.

It was a defenseless Bellona in the remote, a big misplay here.

Round 4 - Fox Ex Machina - Azmari

They were probably flooded because they gave me a naked Send a Message.

The message was received, I moneyed up.

I left Chartroom on the board because I didn't knew which Azmari it was.

I played badly and dipped too low on credits after a turn, got HHNed after them installing something in the remote.

Misidrection in hand, 3 points, 7 credits, mad dash in hand, I decided to Stargate click 1.

I hit a Send a Message.

If I go Mad Dash Archives and the remote is Spin Doc, I'm not even dead yet because I have 2x Chartrooms on the board to dodge BOOM!.

I did exactly that, and it wasn't Spin Doc.

Thanks to @Sheshone for organizing the CO.