Tis The Season (T16 US Nats, Top Kill Weyland)

WhackedMaki 874

It's kill Blue Sun, it's what I do. MCA Informant and Zealous Judge together are nuts in the current meta. If they play Film Critic you just Judge them. Putting MCA on Kati is the best feeling ever.

Day 1 was victories against Wes on Apoc Ayla, Joshua on a varient of Whiz, Patrick on Temu Whiz and Tang on Carver NRE Whiz. The first two games were finished off within 10 turns by MCA Judge, with 0 cards accessed by the runner. Game 3 he accessed one agenda and was Midseasons Boom'd. Game 4 was the only game to have a central server accessed all day, which helped me Hunter Seeker his Plascrete for the Boom kill.

T16 I played it against Angelo's take on Apoc Ayla which doesn't include connections. I decided to try and rush out against it, which was the wrong option. I was a turn too slow, and had one ice too few. Against the Ayla deck just ice centrals and don't try and score out behind anything. I'm very tempted to have multiple naked agendas out at once against then so as not to weaken Hive. If you are worried about this matchup just cut Hunter Seeker for Best Defense and kill Bookmark.

Runner then scrubbed out against Noah McKee on CI7.

If you have any questions feel free to ask and I'll answer them.

7 Jun 2017 ChairmanHiro

I've been playing some basic blue sun lately, I'm curious about why you don't use IPO or Hostile takeover. How exactly do you go about using zealous judge when the runner doesn't have connections to put MCA on? I assume the Archived memories is specifically for getting back MCA and boom most of the time?

7 Jun 2017 WhackedMaki

@metafoxxIPO ends your turn, which means you can't follow it up with Midseasons, while you can with Restructure. Hostile gives you Bad Pub, which when games get extremely close in credits is bad, as well as requires more deck space which isn't really a luxury this deck has.

A lot of people will just let Mausolus fire, which means a tag you can rez Judge with. Or they will have Siphons and you can him them with him then. There are some matchups where he's actually blank, but they're rare.

Archived gets back whatever you need. Boom, Midseasons, MCA, Restructure, Jackson, etc. Boom and MCA are probably the most common uses though, yes.

7 Jun 2017 DieMaus

Another fantastic Blue Sun deck, which is basically to be expected by this point.

I did have some dumb questions about playing with Mausolus and Colossus; do you find yourself advancing them ever, or has your experience been that they're working just fine with the non-parenthetical text?

7 Jun 2017 WhackedMaki

@El Che the FeyThanks! When it comes to those two ice, I will only sometimes advance them. Colossus gains strength which allows it to go above Mimic NRE Carver, or makes it more taxing against other breakers. Mausolus I only ever advance if I need to keep them out of that server and they've gone YOLO mode running through it. Otherwise, I'm more than happy with their base subs.

7 Jun 2017 tvaduva

One-advance Colossus is pretty nice against Carver Mimic, which is pretty common in Whizzard.

I'm getting tired of Bulwark, would Orion be better? Did you use Hunter Seeker often? Or is Best Defense just better in the meta? Has Paper Trail worked for you? I've liked CST before, and I'm trying Armored Server.

7 Jun 2017 WhackedMaki

@tvaduvaOrion could be better in the current meta. I only had the opportunity to rez it once all tourney, and it got to fire. If we see a lot of Super Yog decks then Orion is awful. I know Timmy had it do well for him though.

I only used Hunter Seeker once, and a Best Defence would have done the same thing in the situation I was in for one less click. With Bookmark being a really important card to Ayla Best Defence may just be better right now.

I very rarely score Paper Trail, but it has done something every time I've scored it. I tested Armored Servers and it didn't do enough for me, but if Faust is the most popular breaker then it's strong. CST is pretty vanilla, I decided I wanted to be a bit spicier. Killing Kati, ProCo, Temujin, Street Peddler, etc can be pretty impactful though. When I killed all 3 of a Geist's Tech Trader and morebhe was pretty sad.

8 Jun 2017 ChairmanHiro

You said you don't like bad pub, but what about bulwark? Would you replace that with Tithonium when it comes out? Does this deck try to score out at all or is it 100% kill? It looks to me like you usually have judge in your scoring remote, and only score agendas for their extra effects more than their points.

8 Jun 2017 WhackedMaki

@metafoxxBulwark is not a great ice, but it can be good enough. I wish it didn't have the BP attatched as I can never OAI it, but it slightly hedges out Hadrians. Usually when I rez it I just leave it there as to not get more bad pub. I do want Tithonium for the deck for a couple reasons. First the subs are nuts if they get to fire. Second, when games get to the kill 'em or lose parts you can forfeit agendas to make money and strengthen Hive again. Orion may also just be better right now.

Agendas are to put pressure on the runner to make them play in to your Midseasons. For the most part it is just for their effect. I probably advanced Oaktown 20+ times this tournament, but scored it once. I even overwrote it in one game instead of scoring it when it had over 10 advancements on it.

9 Jun 2017 RvdH83

Any reason you chose Colossus over Veritas?

9 Jun 2017 Longi

Hi, I have a similar question. Have you tested Veritas or Hortum? Especially the latter could be pretty good in current meta full of Whizzards using Eater.

12 Jun 2017 WhackedMaki

@RvdH83 I'm not a fan of Veritas, I don't think it does much. As soon as any sentry breaker comes down it's irrelevant, which isn't the case with Colossus. It's also a possible OAI target in a pinch.

@LongiTested Hortum, it was meh. Just put a big ice in front of them and you counter Eater just as well. In a world of Yog Carver it's very underwhelming.