Build a better bioroid

nbkelly 952

This is the Architects of Tomorrow list I piloted to second place in my Circuit Opener today. I put this list together yesterday and played 5 games with it, generating 4 concedes and winning with big deal in the other game. I think the concept is actually a bit NPE, but it is still beatable.

Being on the other side of the table feels a bit like this.

Something like this

The Concept

You can lock out two servers with a single trieste. This is weak to Pinhole Threading, Logic Bomb, Security Nexus, Light the Fire!, and bypass like Inside Job, but it can be really devastating otherwise.

If you use Trieste Model Bioroids to target Loki, the runner cannot break it in any way shape or form. Konjin is then our second rezzed copy of Loki, which the runner also can't really interact with. Our Loki also does some mean things if they hit or (or get bounced into it).

Send a Message should just be Ikawah Project, every game I scored it I had already won, and if it's getting stolen then it's probably not worth it. Alternatively, just GFI - but that's not a fun card.

For a really spicy way to modify this deck, swap out Daily Quest for Mirāju. This lets you control HQ, or protect R&D vs. scry.

This really should be an ASA list, but being able to force your ice rezzed is quite useful.

6 Aug 2022 TugtetguT

This is the rudest thing I've seen in a while. Hats off to you.

6 Aug 2022 JuniperTheory

Have you considerd a Ganked!? It's a stupid combo, but it sure does trash every single card on the table