No one need breakers in Standard

Diogene 2778

How can this work? Easy, it work on jank. Believe in jank.

Haha! This is a funny deck, because the ability of Quetzal is central to the deck, along with Poison Vial and Pelangi.

Mulligan plan : You want credits early, so make sure to have at least one card that give you credits.

Game plan : Pressure the corp through Sabotage and make fun of the the corp ices with Pelangi and Poison Vial.

A possible change to the deck would be to use Divide and Conquer for added accesses, maybe in exchange of Jailbreak.

Also, if you want to make this slightly more reliable, you can use Tsakhia "Bankhar" Gantulga, with Raindrops Cut Stone, to replace something like a Wildcat Strike and Gachapon. I tried it earlier, but found that Pelangi was just as reliable, when helped by Gachapon.

Once you have Poison Vial on the board, you can pass any ices with Pelangi.

Also, barrier becomes sad when they see Quetzal: Free Spirit with Poison Vial. Seeing the corp try to use Bulwark or Chiyashi to be broken for 1 counter of Poison Vial, that is priceless.

Even without Pelangi, you could play Quetzal: Free Spirit with only Poison Vial and it would be worth it. After all, barrier are very prevalent.

I've enjoyed playing with Quetzal: Free Spirit, an undervalued identity. I hope you give this a spin and enjoy it also. Cheers!

31 Jan 2023 valerian32

Cool deck!

31 Jan 2023 Wentagon

Quetzal is a G-mod so you could also play this out of Padma with DJ fenris for poison forever

31 Jan 2023 Diogene

@Wentagon that is true! That would make for a pretty fun deck, along with Flux Capacitor and Endurance. Breaking ices for almost no cost (aside for the setup)! Cool idea!

31 Jan 2023 Mancini

Considering that all your programs are viruses, have you considered Crypt?

31 Jan 2023 Diogene

@Mancini that is a nice idea. If Crypt is used, I would consider using Divide and Conquer, instead of Chastushka.