419 I never got to play

Longi 1651

After the rotation made Smoke unplayable (as I wrongly thought) I did not know what runner I shall bring to German Nationals. So I built two decks, 419 and Hoshiko, and together with @Trismagistos we tested and fine-tuned them during Christmas time. My plan was to play Hoshiko at King of Servers event and then take 419 to the main tournament.

After I went 3 – 1 with Hoshiko on Friday KoS, I decided to play her also at Saturday main event and never actually got to play the 419 deck. Some of my friends dis so (@Trismagistos and @TwadaCZ) but the results were unsatisfactory. But seeing that @lazychef13 ended up 2nd after swiss with similar deck we know that the potential is there but we just have to play better :)

I really want to thank the organisers of the German Nationals (especially to @5n00p1) for allowing me to spend three amazing days in the best game community I ever encountered.

13 Jan 2020 lazychef13

I guess I just got lucky, dodging all those SDS, Batty/Tithonium lists. That sounds like it would have wrecked me as well. :P