Neo Rig Shooter v7.0 (5 - 2 Worlds 2019)

GingercredMan 210

This is essentially a rush deck with the money to rez big facecheck ice instead of small gearchecks. If the runner jumps too early and facechecks a trash program with the wrong breaker the tempo loss can be game ending. Program trashing from Trojan Horse/Enforcing Loyalty/Ark Lockdown is used to punish the runner for running and keep them from putting together a full rig, it's best to view this as a tempo play since it's way too easy to overextend if you go for a full lockout. That being said, if the opportunity to RFG a full set of breakers presents itself then this can be devastating.

Enforcing Loyalty is a nice surprise for one influence and can be played even if the runner doesn't make a run, using it to trash neutral econ after the runner goes low on credits for the install is a nice alternative to program trashing.

Daily Quest is easy money while your scoring remote is empty. Being richer than the runner is key to making this deck work.

DNA Tracker should probably be Fairchild 3.0 and was a last minute include from the cards I had available. I just jammed it in after had no end of problems with Hortum during CoL the day before.