4th 2015 Tournament - L4J but Edward Kim

Cliquil 1163

So I decided to play in the 2015 tournament to hang out with excellent people but, from memory, I played really bad decks in 2015.

I decided it was better off taking another person's deck and I seemed to understand all the cards in L4J Whizzard. I did, however, make the foolish assumption that I knew better than Timmy Wong and switched it to Edward Kim, in part because I expected a lot of 24/7 Scorched.

In the end I faced 4 HB decks and lost each time, possibly in part to just not having the recurring credits. The Edward Kim smash did help against a very fast advancey one but I still lost.

I did beat the 2 NBN 24/7 decks I did play, though not without I think some good fortune along the way.

I also switched to 2 Medium and 1 fewer Imp which felt OK but I very rarely used the Medium on the day, I suspect through play errors of my own.

This deck was finely constructed at its core though; and I am pleased I played it.