It seems that you've been living two lives [3-2@Euros]

jan tuno 734

"... One life, you're Hoshiko Shiro, program installer for a respectable Infinite Imp company. The other life is spent in computers, where you go by the name of Omar Keung, bringer of the Apocalypse."

Much to Director Haas's dismay, both of these lives did, in fact, have a future.

Standard is hard for Runners right now. You have two very fast HB archetypes that are weak to different things, so most Runners have to choose whether to optimize for Sports and PD.

I tried to build a deck with as much draw as possible, that had reasonable answers to both HBs. Against PD, you are an Apoc deck, that moshes its breakers quickly and blanks their big remote. Against Sports, you simply mosh away your Apoc and start looking for Infinimp / Stargate, while you get an Hippo out to simplify access to centrals.

This deck went well at Euros. It encountered one PD and one Sports and beat them both (although to be fair the Sports player had really bad luck in that one game). It also faced two glacier Jinteki decks, and as expected, it won against Pālanā but lost against AgInfusion.

The other loss was to Reality Plus. I was expecting it to be a version of the Tightrope deck that has become popular recently (which is a good matchup!), so I happily ran a couple of times to flip Hoshiko. However that deck wasn't on Public Trail + Exchange of Information, but on Economic Warfare + Hard-Hitting News + BOOM!, so my plans backfired completely. Should have been more careful.

The deck overall feels solid, although the Sportsmetal matchup is still very tough. The Inside Job isn't really as useful as I expected, so there is definitely room for a Diversion of Funds, which should help in a variety of contexts and can Labor Rightsed back in. Playing Loup rather than Hoshiko would also help against Sports, but longer matchups against Corps that protect their centrals better benefit a lot from Hoshiko being more consistent -- and the extra 5 cards don't hurt either.

Thanks to Cablecarnage for helping me brainstorm this deck, to my opponents, to NISEI.