Come get some - Top of swiss, Undefeated at Naarm/Melbourne

frankbsad 833

Mwanza is the mvp, just chuck one on RnD and runners will stay away. Derez it with Elivagar when you don't need the money any more. Ganked into Bloop is just so rude.

7 May 2023 osintelligence

And I thought Mwanza PE was nasty. This is diabolical. Well played! Does the deck have the money for 2x Snare! in place of Ganked?

11 May 2023 LUXXEY

Having a lot of fun playing this deck. Seems to create a lot of high risk high reward situations. I'm having a lot of trouble finding a win con though in the games that go longer. I can get within 2 points of winning many times but then just get rocked by a Deep Dive on my R&D. I also don't like having to have Ikawah Project in the deck since it increases the chances of the enemy winning turn one in a single run on R&D, but unfortunately absolutely nothing else cheaper will fit in this deck. Nevertheless super fun to play.