Railshop (1st @ OTG Eternal)

analyzechris 598

This is a very mild upgrade of the NEH Breaking News deck @groenkaaf built for the NISEI Eternal Championship a couple years back. This went 3-0 on the day killing twice and scoring out once.

Shout out to @ysengrin for running an excellent SSS tourney. Dude put a lot of thought into it and the format is legit!

Greg T. came up with the Gold Farmer upgrade and I decided to slot a backup kill plan of 24/7 (which was never used on the day). Jonas on a lark suggested Sealed Vault as a third Crisium that could get an NEH trigger. This was also never used.

I guess the lesson is Sensie must remain banned forever, for the love of all that is good. Also Breaking News is a sick card and can single-handedly change a game from Valuerunner to Netrunner.

Roseville is always the best, so shout out to Orbital Tangent for an inspiring weekend and Snare Bears for their help with testing and understanding my unending desire for India Palace.

16 Sep 2021 rngnsb

It was a pleasure meeting you and seeing the variety of Hayley that can exist in Eternal! I saw the 24/7 on RD after breaking was already scored, and it really forced me to take big risks on central accesses instead of being able to relax for a couple turns. So, I would say it didn't get played, but it certainly did work.