[Startup] "Fast" Advance GameNET

bowlsley 398

Stick your ridiculous econ value ice on all your servers. Use Daily Quest, Subliminal and Reduced Service to pressure your opponent into running and making you more money. Install and advance Vlad Grid and either they spend all their time and money getting into your remote, or you get to score an agenda with it. Score a Remastered early and now you can threaten to score either a 3/2 from hand, or even a Bellona with a double-advanced Vlad.

Three fun facts about Reduced Service:

  1. The cost to run applies before Light the Fire! has the chance to blank it.
  2. You can install it in R&D!
  3. Erm, that's it.

I've not bothered to spend the last two inf here because I thought the deck looked fine without them, but some combination of Sprints or Crisiums would probably fit quite well.

29 Apr 2022 114141

You can always change Pop-up windows to Engram Flushes for the 2 influence as gamenet doesn't work with popup once they have a breaker.

Reversed Accounts is mean and I now want to put it in my GameNet too xD

For Vladisibirsk tricks and as this plays a 4/2 I'd look into fitting some Seamless Launch in there