Boatshop Combo Ob

Heinzel 1293

This deck only has one wincondition and that is to BOOM! the runner.
For the basic combo you need Bass CH1R180G4 in your deck, two rezzed cards, one of which costs 4, 12 credits and Biotic Labor, Mutually Assured Destruction and BOOM! in hand. You use Biotic Labor, then Mutually Assured Destruction to trash your two cards, searching and rezzing a Bass CH1R180G4 with Ob Superheavy Logistics: Extract. Export. Excel.. Then you click Bass CH1R180G4 and BOOM!.

Usually you build a remote early to protect Rashida Jaheem or Wall to Wall. If they contest it you get to rez a piece of ice which costs 4 credits which you need for the combo.
Other than that you try to turtle as much as possible. You defend your Centrals (prioritizing HQ because you need to protect your BOOMS!) get up to enough credits for the combo and then you draw for it. During that you shuffle back Agendas with Drudge Work.

Since your only goal is to BOOM! you need ways to prevent the runner from preventing that. Best Defense is here to destroy No One Home and Stoneship Chart Room. Against Citadel Sanctuary you have Trust Operation which trashes the Citadel Sanctuary and reinstalls Bass CH1R180G4 making it clickneutral ressourcedestruction. Against On the Lam you need to have Trust Operation and 5 rezzed cards. A second Biotic Labor in hand works like Trust Operation but costs 6 credits more to use.

Fractal Threat Matrix is in the deck because it costs 4. If the runner doesn't run early and lets you rez your 4-Cost ICE this lets you still pull of the combo. It does nothing else since every piece of ICE in the deck has a negligable subroutine.

Sometimes when the runner isn't running and you have the combo you can install a Send a Message. You will get a rez whether they steal it or you score it.

Scoring Above the Law can sometimes be used to clear protection as well. In some situations it's worthwhile to fast advance it with a Biotic Labor.

You need to be careful when using your one time recursion because you might need to shuffle Bass CH1R180G4 back into your deck so it is tutorable. Also sometimes you need to destroy multiple pieces of Tag/Meat Damage protection and shuffle Best Defense or Trust Operation back. And sometimes you need to get back trashed combo pieces.

Against decks without protection this deck is extremely unfair since you either have to snipe the booms or win fast enough. Decks with protection slow it down considerably since there are only 2 one-off anti protection cards.
Also since you have to assemble three cards for the combo one of which is a two-off the deck sometimes just falls on its face and doesn't do anything, but that's quite rare.

28 Jul 2022 Blackwing

If best defense is for no one home and stoneship, isn't trust operation the same thing but better

28 Jul 2022 Heinzel

@Blackwing Trust Operation only works once the runner is tagged. No One Home prevents the tags so you can't use it against that. Stoneship Chart Room gets used once they are tagged, before you can use a click to trash it, to get out of killrange so it doesn't work against that either

28 Jul 2022 Blackwing

Ahh makes sense, thanks!

28 Jul 2022 callforjudgement

The deck description doesn't mention the play of using Biotic Labor in order to play two BOOM!s in one turn, in order to defeat tag-me decks (against which there's no trouble landing the tag, but which generally have a lot of mitigation against meat damage because it's an obvious threat against tagged runners). @Heinzel beat me like that recently, even though my deck was specifically designed to beat this sort of deck.

Fractal Threat Matrix is indeed the only 4-cost upgrade that's legal in Standard. Despite the fact that its actual text box does nothing in this deck, it nonetheless has some advantage against unfamiliar Runners, because it misleads them as to what type of ICE the deck is likely to be running. (Putting it in the same deck as Afshar is hilarious.)

29 Jul 2022 5N00P1

having shop in the name = +1!