Symbols on a Spreadsheet [PH Startup]

l0velace 43

Deep Dive! Deep Dive! Deep Dive! - We have Deep Dive at home!!!

Do you feel bad about having one-of breakers with zero recurrance? Try - weaker versions of breakers! And then get those trashed too.

There's a lot of changes this deck needs, but anything with Tremolo kind of has my heart, and having a hand size of 8 is fun.

Between The Twinning, WAKE, and Jailbreak though - 7 access R&D runs are real (going up to 9 cards accessed if you throw in Virtuoso and Docklands, which unfortunately don't stack for Zahya value).

Placed 9/14 at Netbrummers Startup (though I think it only won 1 game), and was a lot of fun.

girl who's only been to UK Nats voice - this tournament feels a lot like UK Nats

27 Feb 2023 x3r0h0ur

Tremolo is love, Tremolo is life.