Sifr Geist - 3rd Place Storechamps (2-3)

bakunin75 120

Hey. Did you know Sifr is better in Geist then Forger, even without the link?

Tow losses where against Hasty CI, difficult matchup, need to find multiple siphon quickly.. Other loss was against HB and a stupid Temujin on a Crisiumed HQ that costed me the game.

Anyways this is a pretty standart list, opted for better early eggression and remote contesting (Sifr+Faust) and early siphons (2 Marron).

3rd Temujin because you really want to see it pretty early, without Hostages for the TTs. After the CI games I think switching Sneakdoor <-> Legwork might be a decent idea or maybe a turning wheel or something..

20 Feb 2017 Klopstock

Thanks again for the fun and exciting games yesterday!

Also, two Geists in the Top Four. Go Muertos!