Surat's Swan Song

cros 41


With Mumbad rotating soon I think it is time to have one last janky Surat deck, and what better cards that the newcomers to do it?

Goal is to set up a server with Snare! (or Urtica Cipher) and Surat City Grid protected by 3 ice, between them there should be one Anemone, the other can be either Hákarl 1.0 or Anemone.

In the meantime just try not to lose on HQ or R&D

As soon as the server is ready wait the runner to start a run with 5 or less cards in the grip on any server with an unrezzed ice, trigger AgInfusion: New Miracles for a New World to push them in the nightmare server and let Surat City Grid make its magic:

After the runner passes the first unrezzed ice there is a paid ability window before he can jack out

1) Rez Surat City Grid

2) Rez Snare! (yes, you read well)

3) Trigger Surat to rez Anemone, trash a card to do 2 net damage

4) Trigger Surat to rez another ice, if it is Anemone trash a card to do 2 net damage, if it is Hákarl 1.0 derez Anemone

5) Go back to 4

The trick is that the runner doesn't have to encounter these ice, they will just be rezzed during the run, this also allows to have them in any order

Of course the combo is weak to a large number of cards such as I've Had Worse, Aniccam, Flip Switch, Guru Davinder, No One Home, Councilman, etc but also to the runner just drawing before a run, but it is fun when it works

9 Mar 2022 Drager

And now on to build the yellow version in SYNC with Ping!

10 Mar 2022 aunthemod

I remember when this archetype used The Twins to kill someone with a Corporate TroubleShot Komainu <3

19 Mar 2022 CryOfFrustration

This is ingenious, it's like sharkies are extra copies of anemone!