[Eternal] Strike Whizz

CobraBubbles 182

My Runner deck from the 26/8/23 Eternal tournament. Went 2-1 on the day, beating Keeling RP and PolDeal Mti, and losing to MAD Ob. My corp deck was MAD Ob as well - almost exactly anarchomushroom's Asset Ob list, but -1 Marilyn +1 Malia.

Clan Vengeance (2)
Crowdfunding (2)
Employee Strike (2)
Zer0 (1)

Deciding what to play the night before the tournament, I picked up an old Desperado Whizz list of Ysengrin's and made some vibes-based tweaks, on the assumption that most players would be on one of the corp lists anarcho published this week.

Against an assumed field of CI, Ob and IG, Employee Strike seemed like a pretty great option. Deja Vu becomes Katorga to make room in our Eternal points, which in turn enables us to play Apoc as a powerful tech card for the asset matchups. That means no Desperado for inf reasons, making the deck noticeably poorer, so we bring in Faust to be less reliant on creds for breaking ice. Faust plays great with Steelskin and Strike Fund, which are already good with Zer0, and now we have a deck name because two of our cards have the same word in the title. That's just good deckbuilding.

Having actually played the deck I was pleasantly surprised at how well it all worked out in practice. It felt relatively smooth and commanding in the wins, and then died to MAD combo on turn 4 before I could assemble Zer0 + Vengeance or Faust + Scarring (yes, Faust is also a tech card now).

In future I will be cutting the Labor Rights, which did nothing, and probably going in for the 3rd Faust over the 2nd Paperclip. Also, I would recommend putting a Sealed Vault in your Ob lists - seems like a much better answer to Siphon than just spending ages icing HQ as I had to in my final game.

Solidarity with the RMT (the UK's major train workers' union), who are out on strike as I write this. You can support their real actual Strike Fund here. Victory to the workers!

Cobra xx

26 Aug 2023 anarchomushroom

Faust as kill combo tech is inspired. Great list! Love the theory behind the changes.