[startup] Loup Soup (30th at worlds)

Trillian416 2

This Deck was adopted from Virus Soup by napalm900 and Wolf-mode from Metropole Grid

My goals for startup worlds was to snag a set of Predictive Planogram alt arts. Instead, I ended up landing myself at 30th. I had split most of my rounds in the morning, with my Built to Last deck securing 4 wins over 5 rounds, and poor Loup only getting one win. The numbers stacked up so my opponent and I decided to 2 for 1 our last game, and a coin flip put me on Loup. Though I was hoping for my stronger deck (I wouldn't call it consistent) my only remaining option was playing a solid game. My opponent pulled out his Built to Last deck, and we were off. Folks, I gotta be honest, I was clutching my Botulus virus counters and Poemu credit in my sweaty, sweaty hands between every turn so I wouldn't forget my triggers. After some lucky accesses, a lot of tension, and a bunch of mostly-remembered triggers, I managed to clinch the win. I wish I wrote this earlier so I remembered more details of the game, but such are the consequences of publishing your deck the day before rotation.


  • Mull for econ. Resist the temptation to get all your toys into play, or maybe don't. You will be happier in the long run if you get your econ down, but sometimes a naked R&D is too much of a temptation.
  • Econ: Keiko and Poemu will get you most of the way there. Fermenter, Sure Gamble, Daily Casts, and Loup's ability will take you the rest of the way. I put a Fueno in my revision of the deck, but don't tell anyone.
  • Draw: Steelskin Scarring is draw or hit points, depending on the match up. Other then that you have Loup's ability. Gachapon is draw, right? In later drafts, I reduced the number of Retrieval Runs in favor of more Gachapon, because it can grab so many helpful cards in this deck. If you can't find what your looking for, SMC will help you grab whatever program is stuck at the bottom of your stack. You could also consider running Moshing or Wild Cat Strike if you want, but this is a pretty thin deck.
  • Breakers: Haha, just kidding. Can you imagine? You have 3 Botulus, 3 Boomerang, and a lot of moxie. Some of my friends took issue with me referring to Buzzsaw as my "anti Magnet tec," but you only need to install it if you think you're going to see one of those purple pricks.
  • Most of the cards in this deck are for charging, moving, and re-installing your Botulus. You want Cookbook down as early as possible, which Gachapon helps with. Rejig will re-charge a Botulus or an Imp you already have installed, Retrieval Run will get them out of the heap, and Simulchip can do either just so long as you have a program in the heap (probably that Buzzsaw we're ignoring). Charge and move your Botulus freely, and liberally use your 3-virus counter Imps with glee.
  • The Twinning replaced Stargate from earlier deck versions and works great. It costs less, and works with Loup's ability. Poemu is the only card that charges Twinning in the deck, so make sure to use the ability once a turn. Go ahead and slap down a free Simulchips or replace your Cookbook just for the charge. Close the game with big Twinning runs on R&D.

Don't be afraid to un-install and re-install your Botulus just to get one or two more virus counters and sneak into a server you shouldn't have been able to access. If you play it right, this deck will leave your opponent asking to count the number of Botuli you brought.

Good luck, and have fun!

8 Dec 2022 napalm900

Awesome! Did you manage to get the Planogram alts in the end?

12 Dec 2022 Trillian416

I did! The prizing for start up ended up being super weird (to everyone's benefit, I believe), so I think most people got them who played :)