Boring Reg Hoshiko

coldlava 235

This is a great deck if not boring as hell. It went 3-2 on the day and I got 14th of 59 with the only two losses to former 2 time World champ Dan D in the first round to time and then late in the day to the eventual US National Champion Wikignomety. Miss Bones was a last minute include to help deal with asset Obs that I was expecting and would have been useful against the combo Asa that littered the cut but I saw neither on the day.

Thank you to my local meta mates DeeR, Aureates, Redino, and Saetzero as well as Whiteblade for helping me get as close to making the cut as I did. The corp deck I played on the day was much more interesting if you don't want to look at a reg hosh list.