Party at Ground Zer0 (77 cards) [4th, Game Shoppe Regionals]

lukifer 1086

Some people think they're bending the guidelines of sensible deckbuilding by running MaxX with 47 cards. To which I say: that's adorable.

This deck went 2-2 during swiss (alongside an undefeated NEXT) to land 4th at Nebraska regionals. One game I lost to the clock (had PE on the back foot, but unable to overtake 6 before time); another I got locked out by Blacklist (and forgetting Mti). In the cut, I had a strong board position against Argus, but made several piloting mistakes and got blowed up.

While the deck does have an engine (Severnius to see a billion cards, refill with Obelus, rinse and repeat), it's entirely optional, and frequently wins as Good Stuff Anarch.

I'm frequently asked why I landed on a particular number of cards; honestly, I just keep adding good cards until I'm done.

The Cards

Zer0: Absolutely made for this deck, but difficult to play. You often have to skip it on turns where you're holding important pieces in hand. In games where you don't fear damage, you can engineer IHW hits for value. Do not install it against Potential Unleashed, and exercise caution against Skorp.

Brain Cage: Not only good to pad hand against meat and Avocados, but the flexibility of a big hand for Severnius runs is huge. Very close to going to 3x.

Aumakua: Last minute switch from a 2nd Levy. Not sure if it's correct; they've done work in casual games, but I didn't break a single thing with them on the day.

Clan Vengeance: Another last-minute include, might go to 2x. Not only great against Jinteki and Argus, but procs from Zer0, Brain Cage, and Stimhack. Even a single counter can have value; I managed to dodge, er, postpone, an HHN with a timely hit.

Career Fair: Close to cutting (for 2nd Levy), but even with a small number of resources in the deck, the acceleration is hard to beat.

Exclusive Party: Secret sauce of the deck. The longer you hold them, the better they become. It's a fine art deciding when to cash out now, and when to hold for later.

Infiltration: I love the befuddled response I get when I play these. They do incredible work in an NGO world, and I'm tempted to go to 3x. Playing them for econ when in a tight spot is perfectly fine.

Hippo: Solid card; often functions as a pseudo-DDoS, prompting extra ice installs and discouraging rezzes, without having to actually use it.