The Laguna Velasco Excavation Project

SubTric 432

This deck was stolen from PTD's Fear and Loathing deck that was posted recently. Very little has changed here with the exception of the inclusion of Bhagat which after lots of testing proved to be a solid choice.

I took this deck the Nottingham Store Champs and did pretty well overall, though this deck didn't perform as strong as my corp deck. I went 2-3 with this deck during swiss and made the top cut, but lost to Argus after the cut (finished 6th in Swiss, 8th after the cut - 17 players total).

Overall this is a very solid mill deck which uses Fear The Masses to great effect. I won't write up the deck here as PTD has done a solid job of that on his listing (mainly posting this so I can link to my claim on Link to original deck -

Note that after playing it competitively I think I'd include Turntable - this will be my focus of testing in the near future. This deck often wins by stealing a bulk of agendas from Archives in one go... but I noticed over the event that there were times that I stole 4-5 points of agendas in 1 or 2 pointers, where had Turntable been in play I'd have won, due to there being a number of 2 or 3 point agendas in the corps score area already. I think I may be tempted to drop both Dirty Laundry for 2 copies of Turntable and see how things go in the future.

4 Mar 2018 SubTric

I loved this deck so much the first time that I took it to another store championships. The only adjustment was I went up to 46 cards by adding a Turntable, which in testing was awesome, but on the day didn't fire once.

I did really damn well too - dropping only 1 game in Swiss and milling out 3 corps for the win with victory against NEXT and Architects of Tomorrow twice (it was a HB day!). I made the top 4, but played Skorp in the first game which started bad. In desperation I dropped and popped a DDoS and ran a remote expecting to find an NGO Front - it was an SSL! Click 3 I took a stab at HQ... another SSL. The opponent sweating I felt sure there was another agenda in hand so ran HQ again but turned up ice. Next turn - Punitive trace with 15 credits thrown on top to do 6 meat damage. Game over! Boo. And yes, there was another agenda in hand I could have grabbed!

That aside, this deck is insanely fun. Seeing your oppose think you are foolish as they set up and gain buckets of cash as you don't run, just installing... them BOOM. One good run with 5 copies of Fear The Masses and Bhagat and things go south fast :)

This deck struggles competitively in 1 key area - once someone has played the deck one they will NEVER leave HQ as anything less than a fortress and if there is any AI-hate ice in the deck it can shut you down if it goes on HQ. As such, if you do well in Swiss and make a top cut where you have to play a previous opponent again you are stuffed!