Tappy Groenkaaf 419 - 1st* BLM 6-2

rongydoge 1334


This is groenkaaf's 419 list, with the absolute minimum amount of effort to make it 20.06 legal. All insight into how to play it stems from watching him.

With registration starting at 9am and the grand final ending at "only" 10:30pm on the east coast, it's no surprise to see #boswash so well represented in the top cut, making Swiftie's performance all the more remarkable given the time handicap.

With that pleasantry out of the way, I can share my favorite moment of the tournament, in which I take revenge against what I perceived as Swiftie's cheeky bit of BM on his game winning access against Laura.

Ladies and gentlemen, your moment of zen: https://clips.twitch.tv/IncredulousPiliableOrcaFrankerZ

*I did not actually make the cut.