Winning deck for Heroes World Store Championship - 12 people

smusher 120

Hello everyone

Here is the runner deck that I ran for the Store Championships at Heroes World at Markham on Saturday December 3rd 2016. Here is the corp deck that I was running for the same tournamanent:

I have been working on this deck for some time and had some tweaks to incorporate some of the new cards that came out from Intervention that helped he significantly during the Store Championships. This deck had no losses going into the top cut and won all its matches during the double eliminations.

Round 1 vs. CI Combo (Opponent: Adam) WIN This game should normally not be good for me, but I managed to find 4 agendas off of 5 cards looking at R&D which made this game super short and it was good, because the Corp game I played took 60 minutes.

Round 2 vs. CI Combo (Opponent: Peter) WIN After playing the first game I was pretty confident about my chances, but I had to mulligan a questionable hand, but then was rewarded with a turn 1 rebirth into Edward Kim and went to town to trash critical operations, such as Hasty Relocation, Blue Level Clearance, Reclamation Order. I managed to R&D lock him with trashing ICE with Parasite, Blackmail En Passant with Medium multi-access. As Peter was about to score last turn, I had a desperation turn where I drew into the Blackmail I was looking for, trashed a Hedge Fund, then accessed and scored the 4th agenda needed to win the game. Peter also had to discard a copy of Accelerated Beta Test from his hand after having not enough credits because he was flooded.

Round 3 vs. Sync Boom (Opponent: Luke) WIN This matchup isn't so good for me, because I have some cards that can help me, but not good enough so that I can survive 24/7 News Cycle Boom! if I didn't have plascrete already out. I managed to get some good accesses at R&D trashing 2 Jackson Howards, 2 Booms! and a bunch of ICE with Blackmail En Passant. I also was really fortunate that the last card in his deck was the Jackson Howard, so I went in again with sufficient credits to beat the Resistor trace and have enough to trash the last copy to force Luke to lose by milling out and not being able to score enough agendas.

Round 4: Intentional draw with (Opponent: Dien Tran) Running an interesting Palana Archer deck. We ended up intentional drawing with each other to secure the top 2 spots going into the final cut.

Winners Finals vs. Palana Clone Retirement Archers (Opponent: Dien Tran) WIN Since I was playing Valencia, I had a really good matchup because I could just silence Caprice Nisei and Marcus Batty to nothing I was able to run and steal the crucial agendas. I also kept a high pressure against him once I blackmailed into R&D, stealing an agenda, then proceeded to En Passant the ICE and Dien was unable to find other ice in order to protect and I stole a bunch of agendas.

Grand Finals vs. Palana Clone Retirement Archers (Opponent: Dien Tran) WIN Sadly the grand finals match result came to being the same outcome as the winner's finals with a great setup with a bunch of Sure Gambles, Temujin runs and finding Wyldside and Adjusted Chronotype early and pressured ICE destruction with Blackmail En Passant.

If I was thinking about making some changes to the deck, I might take out Net-Ready Eyes for another copy of Temujin Contracts because of the problem that Best Defence can just destroy it easily and taking out 1 copy of Mimic for the new card coming out MK Ultra so that I have fixed ICE that is manipulatable with ICE Carver and Datasucker and breakers that can be installed from the heap once I encounter ICE if the situation would come arise. The MVP for the top cut in this deck was Black Orchestra because without it, I would not have been able to get through Lotus Fields to steal the agendas at critical turns. Thanks and any feedback and suggestions are welcome.