Currents are back v0.1

mr_pelle 548


What if currents were still a thing?


Recur Argus Crackdown using Flower Sermon + Subliminal Messaging + Raman Rai.


Step 1

Step 2

Step 2.1

Step 3


Saraswati Mnemonics: Endless Exploration click-compression is vital when your turns are made of 2.

I chose Argus Crackdown over other lockdowns because it protects all servers at the same time, even if the ice is unrezzed.

Future development

The ice suite doesn't look great, but the deck is not very rich.. it will definitely require some work ;)

31 Jan 2022 Diogene

Amazing idea! Considering the econ of the deck, why not inverse and do 1x Anansi and 3x Chrysalis? Cheaper and gives you more traps. In case, I'll test this list and give you more feedback later. Thanks for sharing.

31 Jan 2022 mr_pelle

@Diogene thank you man! This is not a kill deck, the idea is to use damage as a protection or limiter for the Runner. Chrysalis is so cheap to break that I'd rather use it as a singleton surprise 0 Snare! and install other pieces of ice.

Please feel free to play it yourself and let me know the outcome! :)

6 Feb 2022 Baa Ram Wu

This is a work of art of a deck! great stuff!

6 Feb 2022 Akhet

Interesting combo, but I wonder if Argus Crackdown is the most broken thing you can do with it.

Fully Operational comes to mind as an operation which produces a lot of value if you play it over and over, in the right deck. However, it seems quite hard to fit an Asa-style "bunch of assets protected by Ice" package into the same deck as this combo.

Economic Warfare and/or Financial Collapse could allow targeting the Runner's Economy, although I suspect that's too slow.

Salem's Hospitality could help set up a Flatline, particularly if it's in the same deck as Obokata Protocol and/or Complete Image.

6 Feb 2022 mr_pelle

@Baa Ram Wu thank you so much! Really appreciated!!

@Akhet sure there are many other operations worth recurring; in this example I tried to exploit a current-like effect for defensive purpose. One could play SYNC Rerouting instead, which is also very annoying, although it doesn't fit well in the Jinteki gameplay.

8 Feb 2022 zmb

Great idea! If you played it out of Jinteki: Restoring Humanity you could use Raman Rai to trigger RH ability, for example with NAPD Cordon which would leave inf for stuff like Reversed Accounts

8 Feb 2022 mr_pelle

@zmb thank you very much! I agree that Raman Rai would trigger RH abililty, although I feel that without Saraswati Mnemonics: Endless Exploration click-compression ability you'd not progress in the game having only 2 per turn.