Wandering Ronin, 1st (4-1) Ottawa Regionals

lopert 1618

The superior asset spam deck.
Can be played as a grinder with the 5 recursion cards, but usually comes down to a burst of damage via:

Swiss Games vs: Freedom (L), Freedom (W), Val (W), Kit (W)
Top4 Cut Games vs: Kit (W)

For my 1 loss, Freedom opened up with double Yusuf on turn 1, effectively neutralizing all my ICE and my ID for 2c. :'(

Key Changes from this list.

-2 Scarcity of Resources

I don't really see the use of Scarcity. Just dump more cards into archives to increase the cost of things. As a way to clear Hacktivist Meeting, I'd prefer to run Enforced Curfew, but in reality, I actually just prefer rezzing things to increase the trash cost mid-run.

+2 CSR Campaigns

I always found myself struggling with clicks, never having enough to overdraw to fill archives AND deploy additional assets. CSR solves this in a great way.

-1 Preemptive Action, +1 Ronin

I actually just lost my 3rd pre-emptive. That being said, I've never found myself wanting the full set. I also find myself having to hard Quad-Advance Ronins all the time, so the more the merrier.

-1 Cyberdex Virus Suite, +1 PAD Campaign

This is probably wrong. I think CVS is better in this deck as a way to clear Imp / Friday Chip. The deck didn't really struggle with money and I prefer the bursty-ness of Turtlebacks anyways.

Future Changes

I'd be open to cutting both PAD Campaigns for any flex/tech cards (Crick, Cyberdex Virus Suite, Enforced Curfew).

3 Sep 2019 Krasty

Im still surprised, people don`t use NASX instead of PAD .. in your deck one and one, of course ... in one game at saturdays champ NASX gimme like 20+ creds, which was one of that points I need to win game...

4 Sep 2019 lopert

@Krasty While I don't think this deck can truly rack up NASX counters, nor does it need to, I agree that there's no reason to not just play NASX over a PAD Campaign.

I'm currently going to test swapping the PAD Campaigns for Tech Startups.