Wild Worm

Diogene 2192

Trying to make Apex go faster. Why not use another ID. Because Apex: Invasive Predator has some major advantage : resilient to damage (with Heartbeat), can clear the board (with Apocalypse) and does not rely very much on ressources (only use DreamNet and Hunting Grounds).

To go faster, we need : 1. A way to break "unbreakable by Endless Hunger" ice. 2. A way to have a certain amount of money (clicking for creds slow us down). 3. A way to draw more efficiently.

How to achieve this. 1. Boomerang will solve that issue. Any other ice can be facechecked without fear of dying, courtesy of Heartbeat. 2. Aside from some burst econ, Day Job will provide a heap of that will sustain us for many turn. Using Endless Hunger is actually pretty cheap. 3. DreamNet, Deuces Wild and Build Script will help a great deal here. Wildcat Strike can help a bit, as it will either provide econ or draw, both of which are sorely needed.

Most notably, there is Tapwrm, which will either give us or slow the corp (a purge is a free turn for us). It can't be understated how good this is.

Now comes the hard part : you must facecheck lots of ices. I had to choose between using Prey or Apocalypse, because of cards slots. While Prey is more certain, Apocalypse will cause a major upheaval of the board state. When do you use Apocalypse? As soon as you can. Yes, there might be strategic moment when it would be optimal, but you will not have the rig to make sure you can use that moment, unlike any other faction. Which is why, if you can trash 2+ ices, especially if they are rezzed, it is a win for you.

There is one Labor Rights. Use it to bring back Jailbreak, since those are the only multiaccess tools that you have. Which mean that you should not put Jailbreak on the board using either Apex: Invasive Predator ability or Reboot.

I tried using Aumakua and Tread Lightly. But it did not work well. Adjusted Matrix is amazing on Endless Hunger, but without e3 Feedback Implants, which is rotated, you cannot pass more than one ice usually.

All of this is a lot of fun to use. Maybe not the most competitive, but it is a very interactive deck, letting you play aggressively and getting away with it. Jinteki player will usually be sad, once you have Heartbeat on the board.


1 May 2021 ArminFirecracker

Cool Deck. How about adding Gbahali for Hortum, Fairchild 3.0, Colossus and Ballista?

2 May 2021 Diogene

@ArminFirecracker, this is a good suggestion. Currently, it feel like it would act a bit like the Tread Lightly that I tried before. You could replace a Boomerang by 2 Gbahali. This would allow to have a remote lock for that time with an agenda. It might be that, using this, Prey could be better than Apocalypse, synergy wise. Thanks for the comments.

6 Jun 2021 #endgame

I found I could get by with 2x Reboot. Have you considered cutting the third to fit in 1x Assimilator? Gives you a way to recur Tapwrm after a Reboot, as well as getting Boomerangs that work everywhere.

I would also try swapping out the Harbingers. If you imagine that they were some other card, you have the option of facedowning them if they're not immediately applicable, which gives you more flexibility. This would let you fit the third Dirty Laundry and/or Prey.