[Startup] Napstermodernism

Lttlefoot 1285

Let's show the runner what happens to people who download music illegally

Digital Rights Management can get a Vulnerability Audit into your remote. Advance it, and play a NAPD Cordon. Now if your ID is flipped, the runner has to pay 12 in addition to breaking the ice to steal that agenda. If they do, you can send two copies of Punitive Counterstrike at them (Archived Memories can substitute for a second copy of Counterstrike, but has many other options in this deck)

If they don't, you get 3 points and possibly trigger Malapert. It can't find agendas, but it can find DRM, which can find agendas. Once this deck is ready, you can score 7 pretty quickly

You can also use DRM to grab your two Hostile Takeovers. You can't install and score these right away, but your HQ should be safe enough for a turn. This makes it harder for the runner to get to 7, and you can use your spare Takeover to rez Archer (otherwise, Send a Message can rez it without forfeiting an agenda)

Crisium prevents your ID from flipping back if the runner runs your HQ. Wall to Wall can advance your Pharos, which you can search up with Secure and Protect if you want to put it on a central server. Icing every server will give you extra money from Subliminal Messaging, and the second copy of that can be discarded to Hansei Review

26 Feb 2022 CryOfFrustration

Great name! :D

2 Mar 2022 easterncalculus

I love this deck, very thematic! Came across it when searching for decks that use Secure and Protect.

I always want to replace SaM with SDS for the "self-protection"... but if we're hitting the runner with a Punitive Counterstrike I guess that's not necessary.