World's Best Asa Group

pj20 1455

This was the corp deck I took to Magnum Opus. It was built based on my strong performance with a similar version at US Nationals (

Main changes to the Jukebox deck:

-1 Architect, -1 Loki, +2 Gatekeeper -1 Jeeves, -2 Stinson, -1 Mason Bellamy +2 Code Replicator, +1 UVC, +1 Bio Vault -1 Calibration Testing, +1 Arella Salvatore

All in all, I think the deck got better, not worse with the MWL changes. Being able to keep both Surveyor and FC3 was the only crucial part of playing Jinja Glacier. Not being able to play Stinson meant room for better defensive upgrades.

Having someone try to break your strength 8 surveyor, only to use Code Replicator felt amazing. Having a Jeeves out and advancing BOTH an agenda and Bio Vault twice was the best plays of the day.

Gatekeeper is just amazing, and throwing one on R&D and waiting for the right time to rez it was crucial. It also triggers Jinja AND your ID ability if it fires.

All in all, the deck did pretty much exactly what it was supposed to all day.

10 Oct 2018 Cluster Fox

Congrats! Still rockin' Asa too! :)