Hellion Moon Test - 20th Europeans Birmingham

Midseasonpsycho 163

(No European on the tournament list so a Nationals will have to do for now!)

This deck took me to 20th at the European Championship in Birmingham. It is my take on the very strong ETF moon decks. I took what I liked about all the top decks and made it mine.

Round 1 Verses Andy - He installed Temujin on R&D so I used Advanced Assembly Lines and installed Fairchild 3.0, he still ran losing Temujin and never really recovered fast advance and Lakshmi got me to 7. WIN

Round 2 Verses Kate Dyper 2.4!! Rushed to 5 points but was also concerned about clot so played it slightly too slow still. Then the combo came!! LOSE.

Round 3 Verses Chaos Theory. He had a good sifr and Atman build but he made the mistake of trashing something so Hellion trashed Sifr and a clone chip so I could rush out again. He also hit NAPD with 0 credits which is always disheartening!!! WIN

Round 4 Verses Glacier ETF I mentioned this in my runner deck writeup but I went to Europeans and ended up playing my house mate. He had already won the runner game so I needed this to make the cut for day 2. I rushed out before he got the clot lock on. I installed food and he ran R&D with Deep Data Mining getting himself 2 more agendas getting to 6 points. I scored out next turn! that was tense! WIN

Round 5 Verses Noise he milled some assets which I friends’ed back out and he Imp’ed my Enhanced login and Biotic. I managed to ice up, get Jeeves out and purged to get rid of Imp, Lamprey and Clot then played Hellion to clear the rest of his board. Rushed out Vitruvius then food. WIN

End of day one, dropped 1 coup game, ended 6-4.

Round 6 Verses Hayley, he trashed a tech startup early so I used Hellion to trash film critic and personal workshop with 2 programs on it. I rezed Clone Suffrage and added it back to my hand so he didn't trash anything again. I rushed to 4 or 6 and he conceded as he could not find film critic or breakers. WIN

Round 7 Verses Leela, I played this one slow and double iced before rushing out and installed Crisium on HQ . He trashed something so I used Hellion to trash Kati and Daily Casts and had a Vitruvius counter to get it back if needed so he didn't trash anything again and was poor. Double biotic for the win. WIN

Round 8 Verses Dave Hoyland with Siphon Whizzard (First Whizzard of the tournament, I must be doing well!) I had a good opening hand with 2 ice and some assets, installed ice and assets. Then the agendas came!! All of them!! He played Hacktivist so I couldnt rez anything as they were all agendas by this point. After getting to 6 points and Keyhole was not seeing any more agendas he wisely ran my hand. LOSE

Round 9 Verses Ben Ni Siphon Whizzard (lucky me!!). This game went better but almost the same, rushed out 2 or 4 points but Crisium didn't save me for long. LOSE.

Round 10 Verses Maw Whizzard. I didn't mind this matchup so much as it it can run quite poor. Early game he trashed something and I used Hellion to trash John Masanori and a Resource (Maybe Kati), not ideal as Maw is obviously the target but I had to do it while I could. This did slow him down and I rushed to 4 points. He get to 6 by lucky digs and wisely checking the remote every time I put a card in but the last time 2 Fairchild 3.0s made him broke so I sat an agenda in the remote until I had the money to score it. WIN.

It was a fantastic tournament which ended 13-7. This deck went 7-3.

MVP was Hellion Beta Test for sure, I always used it, always wished I had more and wished I had more Clone Suffrage to bring it back to hand! Might need to make these changes for Regionals.

Its a fun deck to play and some people really hate it, which makes me happy! Went for all the 3/2s so I could just rush, and play it quite straight, Successful Field Test is clearly good but takes some setup where as you can score any of the 3/2s out of hand to clear a Current or just put the pressure on the runner.

I have also posted my runner deck.