The Implication (undefeated at SU Worlds)

Cpt_nice 1721

me: plays Hedge Fund followed by Mitosis turn 1

my opponent: "... I hate this."

This is the corp deck I played for NSG's Start-Up World championship. It was undefeated, beating 2 Sable, 1 Lat and 1 Az for a 4 - 0 record. It luckily managed to dodge Anarch (underrepresented on the day), because Imp is a huge problem for this deck.

I knew I didn't want to play PD, as I find it somewhat boring to play, so I was messing around with Pravdivost leading up to Worlds. During testing I ran into Choux and Superstranger, who gave me a Mitosis list which I thought was pretty brilliant. I used this as the inspiration for this deck.

The idea is to Mitosis out cards and play NAPD Cordon. This makes agendas very expensive to steal, especially because if a run is initiated, Pravdivost will put an advancement on the agenda the runner wants to steal, making it even more expensive. For Bellona this can go up to 15 credits, which either is impossible or bankrupts the runner.

During my games I would imply that my deck is very trap heavy, but technically there is only one card that is unsafe to run. The one of Urtica. And this card got two kills on the day. One especially memorable one was a game where I was losing against a very rich Sable, so I installed Urtica and advanced it once and played NAPD, telegraphing a Bellona. Once the runner took the bait and went for it, committing to access, I advanced the Urtica to 4 counters (Pravdivost + 2 scored Remastered Edition) for a kill.

The Cryptocrashes are there for econ denial, but these could/should probably be Beales, to makes FA easier. Especially with Daily Business, you could be just a bit faster. The one off Clearing House did nothing and especially now is not good since the runner will just check every remote. Turn this into Cerebral to keep them on their toes. Reversed Accounts is nice to keep them poor but you could consider a Chekist Scion or two.

Thanks to all my opponents for the wonderful games at Worlds, and to NSG for organising!

12 Oct 2022 ChiptheRipper

Hello, Choux here!

So awesome to see this deck pull weight at worlds! I got the deck concept while talking with SuperStanger and about how much I loved his Ashes NEH deck. He challenged me to splash Mitosis into Prav and here we are! Congratulations on your tourney record Cpt_nice!

12 Oct 2022 Cpt_nice

@ChiptheRipper Good stuff, and thanks!

14 Oct 2022 Swiftie

I would rather you be Cpt_truthful...

14 Oct 2022 Cpt_nice

@Swiftie Really committed to being Captain Asshole there.

15 Oct 2022 Diogene

This seems like a lot of fun! Could this be adapted to Standard? Cheers!

15 Oct 2022 Cpt_nice

@Diogene Turn the Gold Farmers into Ip Blocks, done!

17 Oct 2022 Diogene

@Cpt_nice, this is my version of your deck in standard : Nice Implication. With a cheeky surprise inspired by is44ru Cordon Bleu. Cheers!