Free MTI (2nd place NISEI standard 5W 3L)

mo0man 377

Sorry for the lack of a catchy name, don't really have a strong attachment to this deck. Mostly it's because I grabbed it (mostly) wholesale from a list I saw on Slack, made some thoughtless changes, and it did well (mostly) despite my changes. Picked it because it loses to Mti and Mti was illegal as of the monday before. Credit mostly to @thebigboy, except for all my mistakes, which I will take full credit for.

I mean, in general it's a very strong deck, and I did better than I was expecting, but it seems the difference between first and second is that first place picked a deck that countered this one fairly well, and played it very well, and that's why he won.

Anyway, some notes on specific card choices:

NetChip: Bad Idea. Sure, you're on 2 2MU breakers and SMC (Laamb and Maven, of all things), but Akamatsu Mem Chip is so much better in most scenarios. The original list had akamatsu, this one doesn't, the original list is better. I added in the netchips mostly thoughtlessly ("Oh netchip is a straight up upgrade isn't it?" No it's not). There were plenty of times during Swiss where I had 3 Au Revoir out and wanted to Wu out an SMC but couldn't, because I only had drawn 1 Net Chip.

2 Beth Kilrain-Chang instead of 3 Beth: Idk, I probably wanted 3. Not sure what I would have cut though. The original list had 3. I cut one for a Khusyuk.

2 Earthrise Hotel instead of 3: Probably wanted 3 for this deck? Still not sure what I would drop though. A lot of decks I draw very aggressively through alternate means, so a lot of the time I find Earthrise (being unique) clogging my hand. In this deck, it doesn't happen as much. I'm just totally okay with letting it tick down on it's own, since you're spending so many clicks running.

2 Khusyuk: Another somewhat thoughtless switch. ("Oh, I've got a whole bunch of 1 cost cards I'm going to have installed every single game? Might as well!") This one I don't regret as much, though I think there's some strategic issues in playing this card. The deck is generally a hard control deck, so playing Kyushuk is usually of marginal Value. Why see 6 and shuffle when you're planning on seeing all of R&D with turning wheel eventually? Well, if you can snatch the Atlas out of R&D early against Fast Advance Titan, you have a very good chance at winning. Against Sportsmetal Combo, you can steal a few agendas early, but eventually stealing agendas is a bad idea since it enables their combo. So if you have a good sense of when they'll win, that's when you play Khusyuk and hopefully jump to 7 all at once without giving them the chance.

Also, not a fan of Daily Casts in this deck, but I didn't play against decks that were able to turtle against me successfully. Paying a card and 3 credits to gain 8 slowly seems less good when you can click for 3 and a wheel. Perhaps I will now that this deck is a known quantity, and people learn to play against it more effectively.

Double Laamb and Double Ankusa feels a little weird, but whatever.

Also, Maven is a weird card. It feels like it should be efficient, but I don't think I installed it all that often. dunno, needs testing.

Anyway, free MTI. If MTI is around this deck doesn't exist.

Edit: Thought of a name.

Edit 2, also, this was My Corp