R+ sucks, play Epiphany instead.

saetzero 2589

I swear this deck does make enough use of the ID to justify why to use this ID. Trust me! Wink!

Ok, I got a reputation for being weird/goofy/unusual..... whatever you wanna call it. But I saw this ID when I was in love with World Tree but didn't have a Corp list. Mirrormorph was fun, but it has a ceiling I did not like to how far you can take it compared to Asa or Sports.

This ID though, I really believe it is very strong.

You get all the typical NBN stuff. Great agendas, tag stuff, annoying ice, B1001 (that's an NBN card right?)

I tried a lot of game plans, and I do feel there is a lot of viable choices, but MCA ended up being far and away the best.


What's the game plan?

Build an annoying board, especially if you score an ARES. Eventually get Funhouse and B1001 online, then press the button that makes runner decision making a lot harder.

MCA is a good way to score, SSCG behind a Funhouse is very taxing, especially if you got the "oppo for tempo" waiting in the wings. Greasing the Palm is an all-star, giving you a good soft tag punish if they float and a decent economy card if they don't. Try running two if you wanna run Regolith instead of Marilyn.

Between Amani and Oppo for 2 tags, and getting a token for the ID, runner choices to contest your board is really difficult, especially if they dont got a Miss Bones or Bahia Bands to help out.


What cards can I tweak if I wanna tweak stuff?

The ice for sure. Keep the Funhouse, Ping, and Starlit.... you can experiment after that. Like I mentioned above, Marilyns become Regoliths very easily if you want to do that. I love Daily Quest in this but if you wanna run another econ card instead you could.

If you find yourself light on tag punish.... well you can change some things! Shipment from Vlad is totally fine, or fitting a second Greasing the Palm. Nothing wrong with other tag punish.... I had fun with Mindscaping for a flexible choice, a single EOTL is cool (but try to run a Gaslight too if you do that). Retribution is good especially if you want to hard hate on Maw or some other things (a Public Trail becomes better if you go this route).

Or even just running Freedom of Information instead of Beale can be useful. I tried all the things mentioned above, and it either felt like overkill or ended up the runner didn't float tags enough to need the tech. But those were my choices while figuring it out.


How the hell do I maximize use of the ID ability?

SSCG is the biggest. You get to see 3 cards, if you hit a 3/x agenda, you can see what's coming up on RD.... if you need to have Spin Doctor ready, and get a score going. Try to empty some from hand first.... but if you can get the agenda from the deck, it can't get sniped from your hand!

I do use it a lot just to set up the board. It is rare you see 3 that you both don't want to install and are not glad about the information on what's next from RD.

Try using it before a Marilyn runs out or you plan to pop a Spin. See if you should avoid the shuffle for a turn (or entirely in Marilyn's case). Or if you should overwrite the Marilyn right the hell now for a shuffle on demand.

If you need to find an agenda, you can dig really far in 1 turn, between a Rashida fire, a Federal trigger with an elected draw, then seeing 3 more.... you can just play fast. And for a little tricky bit, in my experience if you got a board building, uses on the ID into a new remote.... the opponent tends to assume it's an asset. You would protect an agenda or a MCA.... you can sneak things sometimes (assuming they don't have incentive to check your board, like Bones, Maw, knowing to hunt for a B1001, etc)


Overall it's a very fun deck. And I really think it's strong. One of the best Corps I built in a long time. Give it a shot. Try to keep any tweaks to the ice only, unless you really feel you need more tag leverage.


2 Jan 2024 franc

this deck saved my life

2 Jan 2024 wirestyle

this deck cured my impotence

4 Jan 2024 Davidmc7

this deck made me see the light

8 Jan 2024 plambro

thank you saetzero very cool

10 Jan 2024 sukodecaju

cant' believe it works until I've started to play... Congratz, very funny deck bro (: High 5 from BRAZIL ^^