Dumblefork: 2nd place at Warboar store champs

AndytheLovell 470

Pretty unoriginal Dumblefork list that took me to 2nd place at a 24 player store champs. Dumble went 6-1 on the day beating Palana glacier, Blue Sun BOOM and Bankers CTM in the swiss before taking FA ETF, Exploding Kittens BOOM Sync and Temples CTM in the cut. It's one loss on the day was after a fruitless 5 card medium dig vs the eventual winner.

Even with a 10infl MWL tax this deck is a still a beast - don't sleep on it

Debatable includes

Queen's Gambit was MVP on the day. It's fantastic early game vs CTM, getting you 6 creds without a run which is super important if they draw HHN early. It's also great for bouncing back after a Closed Accounts or the turn after clearing HHN tags. My fave play on the day was 6 advancing an unsuspecting Sensie to shoot up after clearing tags the turn before.

Turntable is a better console than Obelus if you're not going tag me and does double duty against CTM and Sync, ensuring they need at least 4 agendas to score out and swapping Breaking News before they're ready to 24/7 it.

Imp was the 46th card in the deck and was in there to snipe HHN, Biotic, EOI and such. I rarely installed it on the day and you'd be better off swapping it for a Wanton Destruction or dropping it altogether.

Finally, Temüjin Contract is bonkers. This replaces the 2 Strike and, in my opinion, is a much stronger include. Slums is already doing Strike's job in the toughest match up, CTM. Temu helps you set up, carries your mid-game and ensures that you are cash rich late on if you need to Levy. If there was any way of getting a 2nd I would but there is only really 2 flex influence in the deck.