DRM Palana (8th Polish Nats 2019)

5N00P1 826

This is the deck that carried me to the 8th place at Polish Nats 2019 together with my Critic Val Deck.
Never had that before, but I got flooded a bit to often during the day.
I decided I want to go the Kakugo root in terms of making Obokata Protocol unstealable and add some fun for runners like Liza & Khumalo that want to run a lot. And it helps against Stargate too. And only using 2 Excalibur.
Digital Rights Management was the card of choice as with 8 Agendas sometimes you don't find them when you need them most.
As a lot of viruses are running around, I was going with Cyberdex Virus Suite maybe this should have been a Macrophage? i think it's good against Pelangi, Khumalo & Aumakua, so it has it's value.


Game 1: Matuszczak

Val and very fast it was obvious it was an Apoc Val. Not finding ICE is bad and bleeding Agendas. The game was over, when he tried to Apoc me and finding 2 agendas during the approach. 0 - 1

Game 2: Ojciec

Khumalo, I was really afraid, but him not finding his console helped a lot. Found enough ICE keeping the outer one unrezzed to prevent him hippoing my Anansi and DNA Tracker as good as possible and the starting to score out. Putting Cyberdex Virus Suite in Archives helped to not needing to ICE it. 1 - 1

Game 3: murass

Liza... tough. Was bleeding an Obokata due to an unproteced R&D turn 1 (0 - 3). He found a Nisei in my HQ the turn before I intended to score it (0 - 5). I was able to ICE all centrals keep him poor. During a run on HQ he found the winning agenda. 1 - 2

Game 4: Boreira

Leela...Mulliganed a hand with an SSL Endorsement and 0 ICE into a hand with 3 agendas & 0 ICE. Draw twice found nothing, installed Rashida. So he ran HQ twice only finding my IPOs and trashing Rashida. Was able to find ICE, stabalize but drawing more agendas. I had like 4 ICE on the board when I was drawing into my 6 Agenda turn 5. I just conceeded. 1 - 3

Game 5: Ratkin

Hayley I need to go fast. Started to build a scoring remote & scored a Philotic Entanglement on a La Costa Grid in the remote (2 - 0). I Digital Rights Management for Nisei, put it in the remote. He puts down a Stargate seeing 3 ICE! Sure I was looking for it. He trashed Anansi giving me Border Control and I was taking the risk and scoring the Nisei.
I was lucky, my ICE was coming I survived his next Stargate and put the Border Control on R&D because I had already 2 on my scoring Remote. I stabilized, he got rich and I was waiting for a window to DRM for Obokata Protocol as I was able to add a Kakugo so he would lose 3 cards during the run. He stimhacked the remote to kill the La Costa, which doesn't matter at that point in time. On 2 cards that was my window, IAA Obokata. He tried to Stargate me, I used the Border Control and he just got a single access on R&D being on 0 points. 2 - 3

2 - 3 looks bad, but I was happy with the deck as it is! A 3rd Bio Vault would be nice and maybe 1 Digital Rights Management is enough.
The deck is a bit heavy on Barriers, not sure what to think about it.