a pennys haved is a pennys earned (2nd Early Bird Standard)

solemn_storm 295

Ben Franklin uses eye lightning to fight a giant cheesesteak

Extremely untuned list, but built on the foundation of Ben Franklin's deep wisdom - run everywhere, load money in your pennys haver, and restock at a moment's notice.

Beat PD rush, lost to Sports combo narrowly, beat VoidSkunk Asa - all were very close games, and required some luck to pull out especially given the limited tech suite. The immediate changes I'd make involve squeezing in additional tech cards, though it's difficult to do too much with the limited influence 3x Pennyshaver (mandatory) gives you.

4 Apr 2021 Sanjay

I am so charmed by this delightful deck title, and the deck looks sick.

4 Apr 2021 neuropantser

The shocking sequel to America Val. I’ve been waiting for this for years

5 Apr 2021 SimonMoon

A like for Americas sexiest founding father