Is Mushin Banned?! (Iberian Lockdown #2 Winner)

rubenpieters 17

(Banned Corp Cards: Economic Warfare, Flower Sermon, Hard-Hitting News, Kakugo, Team Sponsorship, Wall To Wall)

Heavily based on: . Interestingly enough I ended up playing against the creator of that deck in the last swiss game and finals. I never drew my Mushin in those games, which made the commentators wonder whether it was banned.

My thoughts on some cards:

Ganked: The theory behind this card seems good: punish running centrals with a free ambush. In the tournament it never fired I believe (though there was a 2/5 miss for kill once). It only is meaningful if you have DNA tracker or Anansi rezzed, and as such might be too much of a win-more card. Maybe getting the LPL back and maybe another slot machine is a better choice.

Kakurenbo: After playing more with it, my opinion is that this card is not at all comparable to mushin. Mushin is for creating 4-advancement traps on the board in this deck. Kakurenbo allows you to recur NGO fronts/agendas from archives or combo with Jeeves. I don't feel like it fits this deck. If you want to refresh the threat of your traps when most have been trashed, a stronger recursion card is probably better. Otherwise, this is kind of a free slot for something like scarcity.

Swordsman: I was expecting a lot of Aumakua. In the tournament this got Boomeranged a lot. Probably it's still worth just for the attempt at sniping early Aumakua's from the board.

Preemptive Action: I wonder if Genotyping is better just for the chance of adding Breached Dome to archives. The credit could matter in tight matches, so maybe it isn't worth the small chance.

10 Apr 2020 ayyyliens

If you play ganked, try komainu, the subroutines keep stacking!