Mostly 3s

ToThBeBe 623

Based on DoomRats 3s deck. -1 Liberated +1 Misdirection

12 Mar 2019 Longi

Hey, congrats on the result, especially the 1st place after swiss. I like this deck a lot, have to try it out, I am still looking for an Adam deck that will suit me, this may be it.

13 Mar 2019 Veronica

What Directives did you run?

18 Mar 2019 ToThBeBe

@Wern212 I only start with Always Be Running against FA Titan, and I'm not even sure thats a right call. I didnt face the only Titan this tournament, so i played the other 3 (Find the Truth, Neutralize All Threats and Safety First)

@Longi you shuold check DoomRat's Adam deck I basically just try to follow in his footsteps. He summarizes pretty well: "this deck is really straight forward. Make money, install Engolo, run HQ. Don't run R&D unless you see something with find the truth. Keep making money and running HQ until you win."