I thought it was aquatics (1st and undefeated @ Worcester co

erika 81

For real I didn't realize it was "adaptics" until I was publishing this, I thought they were doing something evil with fish or something.

Big thanks to Jaris for a great event and Hectorest for a great list

3 Jun 2024 Diogene

This is an awesome idea for this deck. Cheers!

3 Jun 2024 revengeanceful

Thanks for coming, and congrats on the win! Data Loop + Anansi is rough!

3 Jun 2024 erika

@Diogene 'Twasn't mine I'm afraid, all credit for the list goes to Hectorest.

4 Jun 2024 Council

With fronds like these, who needs Anemones?

Awesome job!