Sophie's Choice BTL

Baa Ram Wu 1453

Not able to stream tonight so thought I'd put up a video on a deck I've been playing recently:

You can find the video and deck explanation here: Sophie's Choice

Have fun ya'll

4 Apr 2023 Diogene

Fun games on stream! It felt like Stavka was not doing much for the matchup.

In you games that you did not stream, how did Stavka fare?

Otherwise, why not use a combination of Tithonium, Formicary or Envelopment?


4 Apr 2023 Diogene

So far, after trying the original, I made the following changes : -2 Stavka, -1 NGO Front, +2 Archer, +1 Standoff.

This allow me to put more threats, with more 4 subs ETR ice. And more Standoff combo with Malapert Data Vault to search for needed cards.

Best use of Best Defense in a game (so far) : destroy a Self-modifying Code to slow the runner.

Amazing deck. Finally, something that makes good use of Armed Intimidation and Orbital Superiority. Cheers!

4 Apr 2023 Baa Ram Wu

Sup @Diogene - hope you enjoyed taking it for a spin.

I’ve actually found the stavka’s to connect and generate wins a surprising amount - mainly against Crim players - but also decent Vs shapers right now.

The version you’ve been testing is a little closer to what I started on (never drop the third NGO though!)

But I sometimes found it too awkward when all I’d have to protect the remote (or HQ against Crim) early was an archer that I couldn’t Rez yet.

I did originally have tithonium - and I think I would rather 1x them rather than a second archer.

The only other consideration if playing 3 archers would be to switch to Send a Messages over GFI - (with the obvious risk that would come with it.)