Laguna Levy Hayley - 4th and 9th at Worlds 2017

percomis 1116

This deck is very similar to the one that won Worlds as they are both based on André Nilsson's list. After the Icebreaker tournament, I freaked out that Smoke isn't working as well as it did until then, so Asger (aka Tugtegut) gave me this list he's been refining before/during Worlds with Mike Sheehan (if you saw my corp deck, there's a trend here with Asger giving me decks that work well :D). I borrowed most of the cards for it from ff0x (and he even chose the alt-art for the ID), so shout-outs to him as well :)

About the deck itself: The deck is quite annoying for rich corps as with 3x SacCon and 2x Tapwrm and Levy, you usually have one of the Wrms running. Also Levy can be a blessing against any Jinteki deck. Laguna helps draw into your tech cards faster and also is quite good for turns when you steal an Obokata. The deck felt like a correct meta choice and Asger finished 9th with it, I placed 4th, so it also worked out quite well in practice :)

7 Nov 2017 Krasty

Nice list .. it was a pleasure to watch in action! :o) ..can I have one question? Why double Dedic Proc ? Just to have it early? Any other target than Inti?

7 Nov 2017 percomis

I think the 2nd is for Femme as she's also quite painful to pump (especially against IT Department decks). But yeah, also helps with consistency.

8 Nov 2017 Saan

You had a sick run, and I loved watching your progress. Next time I'm back in Hungary, the first drink's on me!

8 Nov 2017 TugtetguT

@percomis Congratulations mate! Who would have thought that a Scandinavian would make Top4! :D

@KrastyPeter is right 2nd Dedic Proc is for Femme. Mike Sheehan and I discussed cutting one and he made the argument that you want to see the first copy asap against the 'ITD AgInf' deck which is very very true.

8 Nov 2017 percomis

@percomisI'm totally fine being an honorary Scandinavian :D And you reminded me I totally forgot to credit Mike, will do so now.