Kablamo! (4th place Store Championships)

Möbius Striptease 191

Pretty standard riff on a Punitive Counterstrike kill deck, but with a lot of fun options. By treating the runner's hand as the primary resource, it's entirely possible to score out against credit rich and fully rigged-up Runners, and once you have a couple of three-pointers scored, you can Mushin No Shin out a Gene Splicer for the win.

Alternatively, of course, if the Runner is reckless and you've managed to outpace them financially, Punitive works wonders.

I was the top seed going into the final four at the Mead Hall store championships in Minnesota, whereupon this deck was immediately blitzkrieged by a fearless and untouchable runner who slurped up all my agendas before I could draw any Punitives.

This deck is extremely vulnerable to Film Critic, but I find it's better to just live with that than to tech against it. If you see Film Critic hit the table, it's crucial to make an immediate and desperate pivot away from trying to flatline the runner and into scoring out as fast as possible. There are no traps in the deck, but the runner doesn't know that, so sometimes you can score a cheeky three-pointer with Mushin.