Probably the best current use of this card is to turn that -1 News Team into a 2 point agenda. If you're playing this along with Temple of the Liberated Mind, All-nighter or Hyperdriver or Amped Up then you'll only be too happy to take News Team as an agenda.

Another use is for Fan Site although this has significant downsides when compared to News Team. For a start, Fan Site has to be out before the corp scores an agenda. Second, the corp now has an agenda which they might be willing to forfeit in order to stop you cashing in Liberated Chela.

Notoriety has fewer problems than Fan Site - the corp doesn't need to score first although you might not like the economy of turning 1 point into 2 for the cost of getting Liberated Chela set up - however if you're on six points it could win the game for you.

So one of the most apparent uses for this card would be to do something like start the game as Andromeda: Dispossessed Ristie to get a nine card opening hand and then turn into Gabriel Santiago: Consummate Professional or Leela Patel: Trained Pragmatist or whoever would be best in your current match up. Out of all the runners I think this works best with Andy since her ability is her opening hand. After that she's not doing anything for you.

For the other factions I think this is a harder card to want to slot in. Maybe if you're playing Kate "Mac" McCaffrey: Digital Tinker and once you have your rig all set up then you might want to rebirth into Rielle "Kit" Peddler: Transhuman for easy code gates or Jesminder Sareen: Girl Behind the Curtain for tag protection. Chaos Theory: W√ľnderkind could make good use of it since her best asset is the 40 card minimum meaning you can have a very tight deck and then rebirth into someone with a more useful ability, like Kate or Kit.

For Anarch, I'd be most likely to rebirth from Valencia; start with the bad pub and then get to switch to someone who's suited to the matchup you're in (Whizzard if Asset Spam, Edward Kim if Operations economy, MaXX if you want powerdraws) —
The Professor should make your list before Mac, as his ability is over after the deck is shuffled. —
Does the game not crash if you go from a 40 card minimum deck to a 45 card minimum deck? Anyway going from MaXx into someone like Wizzard is handy switch if you're tired of haemorraging your stack. Though MaXx players inherently don't care and just want to destroy everything including themselves. —
Deck building restrictions on the ID are only relevant during deck building, as previous rulings regarding The Professor + Cerebral Static have taught us. —

This card combos well in any anarch deck that's running either Inject, Retrieval Run or Street Peddler.

With Inject, first you use Making an Entrance so that you can fix what cards you'll draw. Low on cards and want to fill up your hand? Place anything but programs in the first floor slots. Want some credits? Do the opposite and top load your stack with programs.

Similarly with Street Peddler, nobody likes it when they get two or even worse three cards that they'd have really liked hosted on Street Peddler knowing that you're going to lose two of them. So before putting it down you rearrange the top six cards of your stack so that you can be sure to know what's going onto Street Peddler and whats going to end up in the head.

With Retrieval Run. You can put programs that you want access to right away but don't want to pay the install cost of them simply by trashing them straight to the bin. Things like Femme Fatale. And of course if you're splashing Clone Chip you can get programs into the heap that you want for your runs, something Anarchs are a big fan of.

Making an Entrance can set you up with information for your next few turns or set up a combo to be used right away with the cards mentioned above. It can also trim the fat from your deck that you might not need in the current match you're playing. A good include in any Anarch deck.

The retrieval run angle is awesome, I hadn't thought of that! Could use this with Eureka too to get a cheap Toolbox install. —
The in-faction synergies with this card are just getting better with Paperclip & Black Orchestra. It's stock is really high right now. —

Just a note for any newer players, SanSan City Grid doesn't reduce the number of advancement tokens needed on Beale to have it be worth extra points. If you install a Beale in a remote with a rezzed SanSan then you can score it on 2 advancement tokens to have it be worth 2 agenda points but you'll still need to 5 advancement tokens to make it worth 3 agenda points, 7 tokens for 4 agenda points and so on.

The most common use of Project Beale seems to just be to use it off of the Astro-train (AstroScript Pilot Program to score it for a win because once you've the Astro-train going you're scoring out of hand even without a SanSan. I've rarely seen it advanced for anything other than it's base agenda value with the exception of some Trick of Light or with Shipment from SanSan magic.

Then apparently you've never witnessed PsychoBeale? Midseasons for 10+ tags, then psychographics to score Beale out for 5+ points. —
Beale is also nice if you remember that it's a 3 for 2 that can also be a 5 for 3 should the situation demand it. I do like bluffing it out one-advanced as a NAPD and then Astro'ing it for a 3 pointer. —
@Bigguyforyou518 - I haven't actually seen that in a long time and even then I don't think it's ever been played against me. And now in a post Film Critic world it's probably going to be seen even less. —
Also note it's still a 5/3 (or 7/4... etc) even if your opponent has the Source or Chakana out. —
I actually really enjoy over scoring Beale. Being able to score only 3 agenda's when the runner needs 4 is one of my favourite things about NBN —
Yeah in some respects it's a more flexible GFI. And I did once see someone hardadvance a Beale up to 6 points. (I still won.) —
Looking for confirmation regarding the name of the card. Inspired by one of the characters in ?? —
@vesper I suspect you are correct regarding the name. Good catch! —