This card has decent potential as a one-shot safety net. It's straightforward and maybe a bit expensive. It's a flexible but self-trashing Snitch. However, a certain card came out with synergy that makes it extremely powerful, and not many have realized it yet.


GPI's text is an interesting one in that both of its abilities are optional. On approach, you may expose approached ice (note: rezzed cards can still be exposed). You may then trash this to jack out. Most important to this, you don't need to activate the second sentence.

What this means for the turtle is that every single ice in a server, whether rezzed or not, charges a virus counter. You can get one per run bouncing off of something simple like an Ice Wall, or you can use other breakers and bypass effects to gain a counter for each ICE in a server (and then perhaps another from access). Even more ridiculous is that GPI isn't unique, so you can get 3 down and gain 3 counters per ice. The bounceback potential makes purging almost pointless, essentially negating Aumakua's weakness.

With how strong this combo is I fully expect GPI to get errata for uniqueness if it ever sees mainstream play. Until then, happy hunting!

EDIT: It's now clear to me that rezzed cards can't be exposed under the new rules, so it might only work for unrezzed Ice. We might need a dev ruling to clarify this, as GPI will still attempt to expose a card even if the ICE is rezzed, and it has potential to change the game state.

You can't expose rezzed cards with GPI Net Tap. It's decent synergy, sure, but it will do nothing if ice is rezzed. —
Thanks for the heads-up, I hadn't read the new specifications on exposing. —
Even if expose rezzed cards doesn't work, I never thought about running more than one GPI. That's a lot of turtle counters. —
Indeed, if the corp can't rez ICE it'll become a big liability really fast. Furthermore the approach trigger is before the run-standard jack out window so if the corp has a weak ICE on outside and an unrezzed ICE behind it they're in trouble. If FFG gives a ruling confirming no turtle trigger on rezzed ICE, I'll edit the review to remove rezzed references and go over how similarly busted it can be just with unrezzed (and derez). XD —

I gave this card a passing glance and thought it was interesting, perhaps only vaguely powerful, with strangely high costs and a large downside. Then, something dawned on me: you can use Sacrificial Constructs to save the things you want.

Not only can you cheat out Femme Fatale, Morning Star, or Inversificator, you can keep one for each construct. Even Mass-Driver and Ankusa begin to look usable. If it costs 3 or more, go for it! You can also do things like deploy that AI you've been wary of installing after you pass that mean IP Block. It doesn't have to be an icebreaker either, place down Magnum Opus if you've already got a few breakers down and would be running anyway!

For usage past SacCon, it's even better when you're mostly set up. On deeper servers, you can afford to start tossing whatever disposables you've got in hand to make your short-term click and cost efficiency skyrocket. Pull out a Cache and refund most of the cost, counter spooky things like Excalibur with Egret, drop an Equivocation if you've got another in your hand anyway, Surf a barrier past something dangerous, blast D4v1d or Cerberus "Lady" H1 counters without a care. As Goldstep has mentioned it also fits perfectly with trash-effect programs. Pull out a SMC mid-run if you don't have answers in your hand! Or pull out your favorite conspiracy breakers since they want that trashbin anyway.

In conclusion, this card opens up a lot of possibilities and allows you to respond to each ICE after the corp rezzes it. SacCon makes it even better since you can save your toys. An excellent tool for shaper and well-worth the costs for others, especially if you're using Sunny or Adam for their huge influence pools.