Worse in a very significant way when compared to the already rare Helheim, BGD requires you to include Vovô and cheap ICE, like Rime. But, if you are already including Vovô, why not just include Helheim and let the former's threat make Helheim a better BGD? Perhaps of some value in Startup, but basically binder fodder in the Standard meta.

Consistently thought of as a mid-tier, if not an outright bad, ID, Thunderbolt Armaments is, in reality, the HB version of Earth Station: SEA Headquarters. Of course, whether Earth Station is a mid-tier ID is, in itself, another conversation to be had, but the idea is the same: tax the runner's first run on a remote. This means that the central servers can be made into money generators, but, when it is time for the pressure, it must hurt and annoy the runner, while not bankrupting you along the way. K2CP continues to let the runner wreak havoc in the current meta's late game (as many, no doubt, say like the runner should), and early pressure is the only viable way of having the credits needed to fight back. Diversification pays, but any tempo hit is going to mean Game Over. Hence, the right response. I don't know about making it work with Reduced Service, but I know there is a viable deck there, perhaps just as inseparable as Vulnerability Audit is from A Teia now. Definitely needs NEXT lockdown to keep your deck viable. On to something less straightforward for me.

A vicious early game ICE, it is extremely flexible but needs tech like Vovô to keep paying for it economical. Sentry subroutine is extremely useful against every killer except Afterimage. Synergises well with Working Prototype and Thunderbolt, especially against Tsakhia "Bankhar" Gantulga, and against Slap Vandal by itself. NEXT Activation Command can make it a strong mid game ICE, and even a viable end game ICE against poorly set-up Arissanas. Mostly useful as a surprise (and nothing else) outside HB, but the current Shaper meta and the loss of Formicary mean that those Thunderbolt rez-derez decks, or any other HB deck using those effects, containing Stegodon and this ICE were basically killed in their cradle.

Useful against what? Don't leave us hanging mid-sentence xD btw an interesting reprint of Chimera

Ah damn. Forgot the review was incomplete...

A much maligned card, and with good reason, since there were very few things that could be done with it 'back in the day'. But, since the release of the Borealis' Thule Subsea: Safety Below, Ontological Dependence, and Mr. Hendrik, inflicting core damage has become a much more enticing prospect. Coupling it with the (surprisingly still) legal Riot Suppression and MCA Austerity Policy makes Tempus' trace value a means of keeping the runner's credit balance in check, if not outright helping you score Ontologicals along the way. I've had games where a lone Tempus guarded an Ikawah, because the runner knew stealing it would mean dealing with the tag and bag I had in store for him sooner than he wants. All in all, a useful card in core damage-oriented decks, the ones that hurt the most.