This card was featured in the 2015 Worlds winning deck. The package was exploiting Data Leak Reversal supported by Wireless Net Pavilion, Fall Guy and Paparazzi. With multiple copies of Wireless Net Pavilion out, it costs the Corp 8 resources to remove a single Fall Guy! In the meantime the Runner keeps tapping with Data Leak Reversal and uses Account Siphon when required to prevent the Corp being able to trash the whole set-up.

The package was so good that FFG made the card unique in December 2015. This now means that the maximum cost to trash a resource is 4 credits. In turn, this increases the interaction of the game with the Runner needing to keep the Corp's credits much lower by forcing rezzes.

I think its VERY important to mention that the package was exploited specifically out of Valencia due to her bad publicity. The All-Seeing Eye would make short work of this strategy, but her ability meant the corp needed to play two of them just to get anywhere. While not impossible, it certainly wasn't viable when you're losing 4+ cards from R&D each turn. —

This card could be utilized in a Haarpsichord Studios: Entertainment Unleashed deck that seeks a scoring win. Play out two agendas of the same value along with this asset to three naked remotes.

The runner can at most steal one agenda per turn, but if they run on the remotes then there is a (2/3) possibility that they also give you a bonus point (i.e. they access an agenda first). Be sure to rez this card only as the runner is about to access one of the remote agendas! On your turn you score out the other agenda and come out a point ahead.

On the other hand, if the runner does not run on the remotes, you can score one of the agendas and then play another one to the table to provide them with the same dilemma all over again!

If the runner accesses this card first and trashes it (1/3 of the time) then they drop two credits, which is also not bad.

It seems that this card would work very well when combined with News Team and numerous low point agendas. It may be hard for the runner to avoid falling behind in the scoring game with these tactics combined with the ID restriction. They can at most score one agenda per turn, sometimes they give you a bonus point when scoring, and sometimes they hit a News Team that either tags them or results in the loss of a valuable point.

And sometimes they hit your Team Sponsorship and can't trash it. —

Another superb card for Spark Agency: Worldswide Reach decks, it pays for itself in terms of credit differential when rezzed during the runner's turn. The fact that it only costs one credit to rez makes it a prime target for Ad Blitz plays.

From the runner's perspective, they (usually) lose a credit via the ID when it rezzes, and then another two when it is trashed. If not trashed meanwhile, it eventually generates a further six credits for the corp. As such the runner may be inclined to trash it on sight.

However, this outcome is acceptable for the corp as it nets a two credit differential. Also, once Ad Blitz brings multiple copies back into play, the runner may lose their appetite to trash it again!

Finally, the card is suitable to fake out as an agenda, as the downside risk is not huge. This may be done in order to see the runner's reaction to a remote server install, or else to force them to run through a series of expensive ice to generate a credit advantage.

But how does it play in other decks? If I can't splash adonis campaign, is this a fair substitute? Or is it too short lived? —
It pairs well with other sources of econ, either asset or operation. I'm running 2x of these with 3 Melange and a whole bunch of operation econ in my Stronger Together deck with great success. —

This is a great card in Spark Agency: Worldswide Reach decks to generate credit advantage for the corp. If it's the first advertisement rezzed that turn, the credit swing increases to 5 credits.

This advantage in turn can be used to bring trashed advertisements (including itself!) back with Ad Blitz, to fuel an Ash 2X3ZB9CY in a scoring server, or to rez expensive pieces of ice.

A good placement of the ice is right in front of a piece of ice such as Tollbooth. This may allow a sudden rez of a piece of ice that the runner was not expecting (since runners may face-check servers based on the corp's credit count).

For cautious runners meanwhile, the mere placement of the ice may be sufficient to deter them from making some early game runs.

It will be interesting to see the devious ways players devise over time to make best use of this trap ice!

I put chum in front of this in a recent game, that was fun! —

This card tends to see play in NBN kill decks such as the Near-Earth Hub: Broadcast Center Butchershop variant. Its primary use is to recycle kill cards back to hand, such as Scorched Earth and Traffic Accident. This may prove necessary if the runner defends the first kill attempt(s) with Plascrete Carapace or I've Had Worse, or alternatively if programs such as Imp are used to trash the kill cards directly from runner accesses.

In these situations the runner may anticipate that the required kill pieces are unavailable and become more carefree with regard to tags.

Although Jackson Howard can perform a similar service, he shuffles cards back to R&D and is therefore not as efficient at this particular task as Reclamation Order.

Another utility of the card comes if you are "kill card and agenda" flooded in the early game without yet seeing Jackson Howard. In this situation you may need to trash the kill cards temporarily for later retrieval- this is often a better option than installing or trashing agendas to create hand space.