A godsend for Cerebral Imaging. Behind even one piece of taxing ICE it can be too expensive for the runner to make it worth doing anything about, and it'll save your bacon after a Siphon, especially if you have no economy in hand early.


I love this card, I really do. I think if it were 2 influence I'd be much more inclined to take it out of faction.

There's not a lot I can say about how the card works that hasn't already been said by Jashay's excellent review below.

The problem with it is that it's a card that really only synergises with certain IDs: basically those that thrive on one or two big runs a turn. I'm going to separate the runners here in to three categories: Good Synergy, Some Synergy, No Synergy. I don't think there's any runners where it is explicitly anti-synergistic, but there are definitely some where the influence cost is way too high coughIaincough.

Good Synergy

Some Synergy

No Synergy

Geist has a finite number of breaks with cloud breakers, this could help skew the math so you make runs in your favor. —
Really stupid question that just came up, does the corp get to see the card? From the posts here, yes. The question I guess is does revel = expose? One of those terminology oddity's ? —
Feels like 'reveal' would be to avoid attachment of 'expose' traps like Psychic Field, or prevention effects like Zaibatsu Loyalty or Underway Grid. —
I don't agree with the no synergy for Santiago/Silhoette. Generally pointed at HQ, yes. So that means you'd like to know when it's a good idea to run RnD. And if they draw the agenda? Well, you were going to HQ anyways. —

This card. THIS! CARD!

It's another invisible ETR for Jinteki. Not only is it out of Yog.0 range, it is crucially out of YogReady Eyes range too. Given as how that's a big concern at the moment this can be vital.

What do I mean by Jinteki Invisible ETR? Well, it's a card that against Jinteki the effects of which make continuing the run inadvisable at best, or deadly at worst. The sort of card that, if it fires, would make the runner want to jack out in all but the most desperate of circumstances. It makes eating a Snare! is much harder to recover from, shuts off I've Had Worse draws, and makes taking any amount of net damage that much harder to recover from.

For a measly 1 inf it splashes in to HB Brain Damage decks really well, too.

Good call! My HB deck was running into a problem where the runner could keep letting Janus 1.0 fire, but then just use Professional Contacts to draw back up again. Definitely splashing this for just 1 influence to make all my brain damage permanent. Only problem is making them run this and Janus 1.0 in the same turn. Maybe splash Whirlpool too? —
Just start scoring :) They will let you score Defective BC - good. They run? Even better. It's a win/win :) —
@Glitch29: Brain damage is permanent?? Sure they can click to draw cards that turn, but they have to discard back down to (max_hand_size - amount_of_brain_damage). —
Not sure if this is good in-faction theme because they can just run on the last click. Might be best paired with Bioroid ice and/or Scorched Earth for that reason. —
@nickv2002 what about Neural EMP or Ronin? Don't want to eat a last click Snare! either if they can just Ronin you next turn and/or trash your resources —

They should rename this card Murderer of Anarchs.

Depending on how the game is going I'll try not to rez this unless I'm confident I can pick off a runner. I've rezzed 3 Cortex Locks ever, and every time it has flatlined a boistrous Anarch with no breakers installed.

Thanks to Chrome City, the orange bastards are everywhere these days, and for 2 inf this is not a bad splash as a Surprise! sort of card.

In faction it is tasty. Against most Jinteki IDs runners will run on a minimum of 3/4 cards in hand so they don't fall foul to a nasty Snare! If they have 0/ 1 programs installed at the time it can be game over there and then. No one seems to expect it, and if they do they don't seem to account for it when picking their hand size for running. Even if it doesn't kill them, reducing a runner to 0 cards in hand during a run is basically a good ol' Jinteki invisible ETR. In PE, a good deal of what they could then access would kill them, and it's not much more attractive in RP, IG, and so on. If they go down to 0 or even 1 cards they're going to jack out.


Lockdown is another beautiful card. Pop a Lockdown, then Cortex so they can't trigger I've Had Worse or draw up again before your turn, and you can really put the fear of God in them.

Port Anson Grid: Make them carry on running in to your Data Mine! Force them to access the Snare! or Shock! you know is on top of R&D for some reason! Jackson all of your agendas out of Archives before benevolently letting them take 3 Shi.Kyūs for 0 credits! Basically anything where them having to continue the run is going to kill them or set them back significantly.

Neural EMP: Especially in combination with Lockdown. Beep....beep....beep.

You get the idea.


Gets exponentially worse as the game goes on (in most matchups anyway), but a lot of Jinteki ICE is so spiky that it can transition in to a bluff role later on in the game. The uncertainty could buy you then turn you need to score out your winning agenda. Or you could just chuck it in Archives and install something meatier instead.