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Do Techlords Dream Of Electric Sheep?


Description by the author: emilyspine 370

Technically undefeated* (the best kind of undefeated) at Aldershot BABW. MWL 1.2 has created a great meta for Geist provided nobody plays Ark Lockdown.

Corps faced were 2 EtF, 1 Palana, 1 Blue Sun and 1 CI

Some comments on the influence spend as a couple of people have asked: The Utopia Shard was a last minute change as I had nothing for CI combo and anticipated some Space Penguins. The previous version of this deck ran Wasteland and Corroder which I swapped for this and Paperclip. Paperclip was fine on the day, breaking Eli for 3 is better than 4. If Palana remains as popular as it was at this event I would swap the Shard for a Film Critic to reliably steal Future Perfects (although it's an obvious but minor nonbo with Mad Dash and Aaron)

Thanks to Seamus for the excellent deck name

*4 wins and a draw