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Brain Melt CI - UK Rankings Finals 1st


Description by the author: lpoulter 568

turn 3

I believe this is the best deck in Netrunner at the moment. List originally copied from @percomis Worlds list

I've been playing and refining the list since Worlds with the general aim to reduce time to combo (T2C) as much as possible. Speed is the best answer to hate.

With T2C in mind I'm running all 3 SOF which makes for an ugly 21 points. I've also added a director Haas after copying the idea from @netjogging. This makes for an even uglier 23 points. However she is an extremely flexible card essentially acting as a 4th biotic and allowing you to score the base combo faster, an extra click is the most flexible combo slot of all. She also opens up more lines such as scoring 7 with a double purge in a single turn. Further more she is rarely stolen as the runner is often poor in an effort to keep up with your speed.

The other major change from the Percomis list is Punitive Counterstrike. This is an extremely good card in this deck, as mentioned the runner is often poor and forced to play aggressively. Counterstrike wins around 30% of games.

Further credit must go to @leachrode with whom I jammed many test games of this list and who helped refine it.

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