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Fashion Court - Moscow Storechamp Winner


Description by the author: igrekk 310

First of all props to @saetzero and all the contributors to this archetype.

This deck went 4-2 during the day, and only lost to chained turn 1 and 2 Account Siphon and pretty lucky accesses in HQ the turn before I would win.

While I was impressed by the deck idea in Cerebral Imaging (I've tried to build a somewhat similar one in Medtech) I immediately noticed some weak points.

  1. People tend to ignore the Employee Strike threat, but for me 3 x Enforced Curfew seem like autoinclude.
  2. You want all combo pieces ASAP, so playing 2 x Shipment and 2 x Mushin isn't a good idea. While triple Biotic into Global Food seems good on paper it almost never shoots and multiple Biotics flood your hand instead of more useful cards.
  3. Weak Account/Vamp protection. Sealed Vault is a beast here. While it can be dropped on table unrezzed and be part of combo/Siphon protection u can sell it via Product Recall to money up! Moreover Cybernetics Court is here to help combo out on the turn you have been Striked.
  4. Lack of plan B when all of you Lakshmi are trashed. You can Mushin and Friends into Laksmi + Assembly Lines (into asset or another Lines for Vanity).
  5. Plan 2-B (won me two games!) Mushin the agenda, then Shipment for Mother Goddess on Mushined server and two ices to replace all rezzed ice on HQ and R&D.

With all these changes this deck becomes a solid choice against Anarch, but is still very vulnerable to Film Critic.

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