Resident Forger (1st @ Warwick Uni CO)

Sauc3 143

419 seemed to me like the best boatless deck before the bans so I just went with that. Just a very slightly tweaked version of @Anarchomushroom CBI deck. Great deck, I love having the option of both Wake and Stargate.

I could only find one copy of Ms Bones' and I thought that 3 NFL wouldn't be so crucial thanks to Drago ban so I thought I'd try out some other tech. Couldn't decide on what though so threw in both a Falsified (mainly for the full art...) and a FAO inspired by rongydoge which was actually relevant in two of my matches!

Runner games are a bit blurry, but I do remember overdrawing and throwing out about 20 cards in a vain search for a codegate breaker before then stealing the last Food by just inside jobbing and clicking through a Tyr!

Thanks to @TheRealLap and all the Warwick crew for organising such a great event!